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Bradesco Seguro Auto Mulher – – Auto insurance quote
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Bradesco Seguro Auto Mulher is a service designed to serve women who drive and own their own vehicles. Find out everything about him!

Did you know that Bradesco Seguro Auto Mulher offers different services to women?


It was created to make drivers' daily lives easier, in addition to charging less than insurance for men.

How to choose the best one for you!

This type of insurance even offers exclusive coverage, aimed at protection and assistance in different situations.

This is because women and men do not have the same needs when they are behind the wheel.

Furthermore, women suffer fewer traffic accidents.


Therefore, the risk of accidents for consumers is lower, and Bradesco knows this.

Thus, the insurer charges less for common protections.

Find out everything about Bradesco Seguro Auto Mulher

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Bradesco Auto Insurance coverage for women

As mentioned, Bradesco Seguro Auto Mulher has exclusive coverage for this audience.


However, the first of them are more basic and common to other insurance policies.

Therefore, when hiring the service, the driver protects her car from:

  • Material and bodily damage caused to third parties;
  • Robbery and theft;
  • Collision;
  • Fire.

Furthermore, it is possible to take out some additional coverage and make your Auto Insurance even more complete.

Among the options are:

  • Compensation for the value of a new one for 90 or 180 days;
  • Personal accidents to passengers;
  • Moral damages;
  • Extraordinary expenses;
  • Cover for gas kit.

Extra services from Bradesco Seguro Auto Mulher

In addition to the coverage offered, Bradesco policyholders can count on a series of advantages that are available with the service.

They aim to facilitate the routine and speed up the performance of services, making this process more agile.


It is possible, for example, to have access to a spare car for a period of up to 30 days.

It can be used while your car is undergoing maintenance or suffers an accident for full compensation.

Anyone who drives a car can also use Day and Night Auto Assistance for unlimited distances.

So, whenever you need it, no matter the time, the driver will have a tow truck service.


24-hour service does not charge the user a deductible.

There is also Lightning Service, ideal for those in a hurry.

In qualified workshops, it is possible to repair the car quickly and simply.

In addition to these, there is protection for windows, a taxi in case of an accident or breakdown, a free dispatch service, among others.


Bradesco Seguro Auto Mulher Franchise

When hiring Bradesco Seguro Auto Mulher, you can make other choices.

One of them is related to franchising.

Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!


A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.

In this insurance plan, it is possible to choose between the Mandatory, Reduced Deductible, and Optional I and II.

Depending on the modality chosen, in the event of an accident, a different amount will be charged for the repair.


The deductible is the cost the consumer is responsible for in the event of a partial claim.

Through it, the insured and the insurer share the expenses with the vehicle.

Imagine that your deductible is R$1,000.

Your car suffers a collision, and its repair will cost R$3,000.


This means that you, the user, will pay R$1,000 to the workshop.

The insurance company will pay the remaining R$2,000 to the company.

By opting for the mandatory Bradesco Seguro Auto deductible, the driver agrees to pay an average amount when a partial accident occurs.

Meanwhile, the reduced deductible is lower.


However, the cost of insurance becomes higher, as the insurer will pay most of the loss after an incident.

Finally, with optional deductibles I and II, the consumer obtains a discount on the insurance value.

So, in the event of an accident, you pay two or three times the standard deductible amount.

What is the Bradesco insurance compensation for women?

It is worth remembering that the insurance deductible is only paid in the case of partial loss.


In other words, when the damage to the vehicle corresponds to a maximum of 75% of the car's market value.

When this percentage is exceeded, it is said that there has been a total loss.

In this case, there is no deductible charge.

Then, the user receives full compensation, an amount that will allow the purchase of a new vehicle.

Full compensation is also paid when the car is stolen or stolen and not recovered by the police.


Compensation may have different amounts.

This is because the insured chooses whether to receive the referenced market value (from the FIPE table) or a specific value, determined in the contract.

All this information is included in the policy, ensuring greater peace of mind for those who hire the service.

Bradesco Seguros Advantage Club

This is another benefit for those who use Bradesco Seguros services.


With it, it is possible to have access to a series of opportunities.

Some of them are directly related to the vehicle, and others that provide a better quality of life and ease in everyday life.

You can, for example, get discounts on automotive services, tires, keychains, car rental, among others.

When parking, using the partner parking network, the user will also pay a different amount and ensure that their car is protected.


There is also access to a vast cultural program, in which Bradesco Seguro Auto Mulher customers have discounts.

There are many other options related to well-being, travel, gastronomy and more.

The services can be checked on the Clube de Vantagens Bradesco Seguros website.

Be careful when hiring Bradesco Seguro Auto Mulher!

As we explained at the beginning of this text, it is common for women to pay less for car insurance.


Especially when the service is designed especially for them.

After all, female drivers suffer fewer accidents.

Thus, the insurer perceives fewer risks, has fewer compensation costs and charges less.

With this in mind, you might consider taking out insurance in the name of your daughter, wife, mother or other.


But be careful: this is a bad idea!

When quoting insurance, Bradesco considers that the woman is the main driver of the vehicle.

If it is not, and the insured says yes, they will commit fraud.

The consequences are diverse. First: compensation may be denied.


After a claim, insurers assess whether the information they have is correct.

If there are inconsistencies, the compensation will not be paid, and the insured person will have to bear the loss alone.

Furthermore, the consumer may be legally prosecuted.

It's better to take out insurance that really meets your profile!


Claim with Women's Auto Insurance

As soon as an accident occurs, the insured Bradesco needs to contact the company and inform what happened.

Just contact the company's Customer Service Center, by phone or on its website.

When talking to the company, the user will be guided on the next steps.

Normally, you need to present some documents and pay the deductible (in case of partial loss).


Bradesco Seguros’ contact details are as follows:

  • 4004 2727 (for capitals and metropolitan regions);
  • 0800 701 2757 (other regions);
  • 0800 701 2708 (hearing or speech impairment).

Ready! Now you know everything you need to know about Bradesco Seguro Auto Mulher!

Do you have any further questions? Remember to check it with the company before signing the contract.

This way, you will be sure to hire everything you need to protect your car.


Bradesco Seguro Auto Mulher – – Auto insurance quote

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Bradesco Seguro Auto Mulher – – Auto insurance quote


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Bradesco Seguro Auto Mulher – – Auto insurance quote


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