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Porto Seguro Auto Consortium –
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Are you thinking about buying a car, but don't even want to think about paying interest and endless fees? The consortium may be the right choice for you. Follow this article and learn more about the Porto Seguro Auto consortium.

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

Buying a car is not always an easy task, after all, getting the full price for the car you want is difficult.


And, taking out financing is not always worth it, in some cases there are so many fees and interest that at the end of the installment plan the person ends up paying for two vehicles.

If you are aware of this, want to buy a car, but cannot make a cash payment, investing in a consortium may be the best way out.

However, to make a good deal you need to know all the companies and possibilities that exist in this market.

Therefore, we prepared this article explaining in detail how the Porto Seguro Auto consortium works, what its advantages are and much more.


Follow and learn about all the purchasing possibilities that the Porto Seguro consortium offers, in addition to vehicles.

Porto Seguro Auto Consortium

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Understand better how a consortium works

Before talking more about the Porto Seguro Auto consortium, it is worth explaining a little more about this type of credit line and all the possibilities it offers, in addition to purchasing a vehicle.

The consortium is a line of credit where you choose an asset, or a fixed amount to purchase it, and based on this amount and the number of installments best suited to your budget, you choose a group of people with the same purchasing interest. , and pays the amount monthly, without incurring huge interest and fees.


There is no interest in the consortium because the group of people, individuals or legal entities, come together to purchase a consumer good within a pre-established period.

Every month the installments paid form the full purchase price of this desired good and one of the people in the group is drawn at random and awarded a letter of credit.

With this letter of credit in hand, the consortium member can purchase the desired good or service and the management company will take care of the payment directly with the seller.

In addition to the possibility of being awarded through the draw, there is also the chance of being awarded through a bid, such as in an auction.


You offer a price and, if your bid is the highest offered, the letter of credit will be yours.

It is important to say that, even after being awarded, you will need to continue paying the monthly fees until the end.

If contemplation occurs through a bid, the amount paid in the 'auction' will be deducted from the following installments.

Another important detail to point out is that the consortium is a line of credit most suitable for those who are not in a hurry to obtain the necessary product or service.


This is because contemplation takes place through draws, and your quota can be drawn in the first few months, as in the last.

Does the consortium really have no interest?

Although the consortium is a line of credit that does not bear interest, it is important to make it clear that it has some additional fees in its installments.

The first and common to any company in the sector is the administrative fee.

An amount charged monthly together with the financed portion that serves to pay for the work of the company responsible for the consortium.


The second fee, also common but not charged by all companies, is known as reserve fund.

The reserve fund serves as an emergency fund in the event of default by one or more shareholders.

Because it is a collective fund, that is, financing where everyone pays the monthly fee and with this money raised, one is awarded a letter of credit.

In addition to these two fees, there may be others such as the service membership fee, the community fund and an insurance-related fee.


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Therefore, before signing a contract with a consortium administrator, it is important to do a lot of research and know all the fees they charge.

What are the purchasing possibilities that the consortium offers?

In addition to the possibility of purchasing vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and trucks, there are countless other types of consortiums, for purchasing properties, electronics, services and much more.

To give you an idea, it is possible to find the following types of consortium currently on the market:

  • Consortium of new or used motor vehicles, including for the purchase of boats and aircraft;
  • Real estate consortium, for the purchase of commercial establishments, houses, land and much more;
  • Electronics consortium, for the purchase of household appliances and electronics in general;
  • Service consortium, for contracting services that can range from hosting wedding parties or birthdays, to aesthetic plastic surgeries.

In the case of Porto Seguro, the consortium possibilities offered are:

  • Automobile consortium;
  • Consortium for heavy vehicles;
  • And Porto Seguro real estate consortium.

How does the Porto Seguro car consortium work?

The customer of the Porto Seguro auto consortium can count on a multitude of possibilities for purchasing vehicles, ranging from motorcycles, passenger cars and utility vehicles, to heavy vehicles such as trucks.

There are many options capable of serving countless people who want to change their vehicle or make their dream of their first car come true.


If you are not in a hurry to purchase your vehicle, the Porto Seguro auto consortium is the best way to go, as it has several plans designed exclusively to suit any budget.

The Porto Seguro Auto consortium offers plans with letters of credit starting at R$25,000 and monthly payment plans that can be 50, 72 or 80 months, for purchasing new and used cars.

How to form a Porto Seguro auto consortium?

To form a Porto Seguro car consortium, the first step is to find a specialized broker and do some simulations until you find the best monthly payment plan that allows you to buy the car you want, without putting your budget at risk.

After defining the amount required for your letter of credit and installment plan, you will sign a contract called a 'quota', and you will begin to be part of the group with the same credit interest and installment plan as yours. .


Every month, general meetings will be organized where one of the group's shares will be drawn. It is important to participate in these meetings, just as it is important not to delay any payments.

Because, if this happens, you will be prevented from participating in the next monthly draw.

Can I acquire more than one letter of credit from Consórcio Porto Seguro Auto?

Of course, you can acquire more than one letter of credit from Consórcio Porto Seguro Auto!

You can acquire as many letters of credit as you wish, but a prior analysis will be carried out first.


However, if letters of credit are used to acquire the same good, the shares acquired must be part of the same group.

In the same way, you can also purchase an asset, car or property, of less value than the letter of credit and the credit difference, you will have to pay the installments that are still due, starting from the last installment.

Just like, if you want to buy a car that is more expensive than your credit card, you will be responsible for the difference in value.

Remembering that you can purchase your car anywhere in Brazil.

Can I advance the payment of the Porto Seguro Auto Consortium installments?

Yes, you can advance the payment of the Porto Seguro Consortium installments always in reverse order, that is, pay the last one, then the third-to-last one and so on.


However, it is important to remember that paying your installments in advance will not give you the right to be included in the quota.

Where can I see the results of the Porto Seguro Auto Consortium?

To find out the results of the Porto Seguro Consortium, simply go to the Porto Seguro website, see the monthly statement that you receive by post, when participating in meetings, by Dial Cota (electronic service) and by the Porto Seguro Relationship Center.

Through the same channels you also receive information about your quota.

How do I place a bid for Consórcio Porto Seguro Auto?

To place a bid, you can go to your group's meeting in person, which is the best option, or if this is not possible, you can do it online.


To do it online, simply access the Porto Seguro consortium portal, on the day and time of your group's meeting, and log in with your password.

There is also the possibility of placing a bid via the Porto Seguro consortium's telephone service, Via Fone-Cota, or via the Porto Seguro consortium's Chat, which works through its online platform, and is available 24 hours a day.

How are the Porto Seguro Auto Consórcio draws carried out?

The Porto Seguro Auto Consórcio draws are carried out as follows: the first draw is made during the first group formation assembly.

From the second assembly onwards, the draw will take place every month through the first Federal Lottery draw.


And, don't worry, you're safe with Consórcio Porto Seguro Auto, Porto Seguros offers life insurance covering accidental, natural death or even permanent and total disability due to an accident.

It should be noted that the insurance is exclusive to individuals, always subject to analysis and approval by the administrator.

Porto Seguro Consortium at Reclame Aqui

Currently, one of the fastest and most reliable ways to find out about a company's reputation and how it behaves with its customers is by researching the Reclame Aqui platform.

And when we are talking about a service like the consortium, carrying out this research is essential.


To help with this issue, we carried out research on the company Porto Seguro on Reclame Aqui, follow along.

Porto Seguro Consortium at Reclame Aqui

Porto Seguro Consortium at Reclame Aqui

According to research based on a period of one year, between the dates 10/01/2018 and 09/30/2019, the company Porto Seguro received 8,096 complaints, of which 7,937 were responded to in an average time of seven days and eight hours.

According to the platform, around 98% of complaints were responded to and the company's problem resolution rate is 80.8%.

Which gave the company a 64.5% chance of new negotiations by claimants.


Porto Seguro is classified by the Reclame Aqui website as a 'Good' company and its average rating is 7.5.

In other words, even with many complaints over a 12-month period, remembering that these complaints are not just about the consortium, this is a good company to do business with.

In addition to knowing the data collected by Reclame Aqui, it is worth researching more sites like Procon, for example, and finding out what people are saying about the Porto Seguro Auto consortium.

Don't forget to seek information in person from people who have already formed a consortium with this company or are in the middle of one.


If you want to know more details about all the possibilities that a consortium can offer you and how it works in practice, do not hesitate to contact one of our brokers, or a professional you trust, and ask any questions you may have.

*This text is editorial content and does not guarantee the sale of this product on this website.

Porto Seguro Auto Consortium –

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Porto Seguro Auto Consortium –



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Porto Seguro Auto Consortium –

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