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celebrating his birthday and inspiring with his legendary trajectory
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Supermodel and actress Naomi Campbell celebrates her birthday this Wednesday (22/05), turning 54 years old. With a career spanning more than 25 years full of achievements and successes, Naomi has established herself as an undisputed icon in the world of fashion and the arts. We dedicate this space to remember the extraordinary trajectory of supermodel Naomi Campbell, from her first steps on the catwalk to her iconic status today. Let's celebrate the career of a true fashion legend, marked by impressive achievements and her legacy.

The beginning Naomi

Campbell began her modeling career at the age of 15, when she was discovered in Covent Garden park by John Casablancas, an agent for Elite Models. Casablancas noticed Naomi's unique beauty, which combined Jamaican and Chinese features, while she was in the nearby Italia Conti art school, where she was learning classical dance. It was the beginning of her meteoric rise to fame, which she received a major boost in August 1986 when she appeared on the cover of the British edition of fashion magazine Elle.


In 1988, Naomi Campbell became the first black woman to appear on the covers of French and English Vogue magazines, as well as TIME. In 1989, she moved to New York and soon appeared on the cover of American Vogue. In 2008, she posed with her breasts exposed for the December issue of Russian Vogue. In 1991, she appeared together with Eva Herzigova in a campaign for the Guess brand. Naomi carried out several jobs and achieved a consolidated career in the world of fashion, being placed in 6th position in the list of 20 iconic models, published by the North American website


Sweetheart of brands

The model has worked with several major brands, where in her career she has had and still has a very high profile as a fashion and catwalk icon. Naomi has been on the cover of Vogue several times, her face has appeared on the cover of Brazilian, Italian, French, English and North American Vogue and in 2008 she surprised by posing with her breasts exposed for the December edition of Russian Vogue.

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She posed to be a featured photo in the calendars of the famous tire brand Pirelli, recorded a CD entitled “Babywoman”, which sold more than a million copies, released the book Swan which tells a suspenseful story involving five mannequins and their travels around in the world and also published another book with photos of his work, where sales were made to the Somali Red Cross and UNESCO. Naomi Campbell walked for Jean Paul Gaultier at the show he presented after Yves Saint Laurent's official farewell.


Naomi Campbell has also had a strong presence in music videos throughout her career. She appeared in iconic videos for artists such as Michael Jackson, George Michael, and Madonna, solidifying her influence not only on the runway, but also in pop culture. Her participation in these music videos helped expand her reach and make her a globally recognized figure.

Featured Photo: Fashion show for the Buerberry brand 2024 (Reproduction/Instagram/@affinitypicture)


celebrating his birthday and inspiring with his legendary trajectory

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celebrating his birthday and inspiring with his legendary trajectory


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