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Could LeBron James' desire to play with his son be bad? Understand

Bronny James is just a few months away from becoming eligible for the 2024 NBA Draft and there are chances of playing alongside his father; but at what cost?

Often, children start playing sports inspired by their parents when they were athletes. In some of them, there is the expectation that they will become as good as their predecessors. But something unprecedented is about to happen within the NBA. Bronny Jamesonly 19 years old, should be recruited to play in the North American basketball league in a few months.


And the pressure on his talent has been there for years. That's because his father is none other than the only player in history to raise doubts about Michael Jordan and the position of GOAT (Greatest of All Time, or, in Portuguese, the best of all time): LeBron James.

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Since Bronny was born on October 6, 2004, in the city of cleveland, Ohio, the comparisons with his father exist. Eldest son of LeBron and Savannah Jamesthe number 6, who currently defends the University of Southern Californiacan frustrate everyone when he enters the league.

Bronny has always been in the spotlight of the games he took to the court, mainly because of his father. LeBron, to date, has won four NBA championships, two of which with the Miami Heatone with the Cleveland Cavaliers and one with the Los Angeles Lakers. Four-time league MVP, four-time Finals MVP and 20-time All-American selection All-Star Game, in 21 seasons since turning professional, number 23 is a legend. Furthermore, he already holds the record for most points in history.

The discussion about who is bigger between LeBron and Jordan exists, must exist and either choice is understandable. Anyone who says Michael is bigger is as right as anyone who bets on James. Both are the biggest names of their generations and completely changed the way basketball is seen in the world, at two different moments in history.


Imagine entering a profession where your father is considered (literally) the best of all time at that? Bronny arrives in 2024 in one of the 30 teams in the league. Many teams are very interested in counting on the young athlete's game. But to what extent is Bronny's talent the main factor in choosing franchises?

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Since LeBron made it clear that he will play with his son, many have taken it for granted that the star will leave the Los Angeles Lakers to play anywhere, just to play with Bronny, as this would be something unprecedented in the history of the league. Then, many teams began to show interest in signing the number 6 from USC, aiming to count on the 'King' next season. It is not yet certain whether James will actually leave Californiabut he has a player option in his contract that defines whether he will be a free agent at the end of the current season or whether he will remain with the Lakers.

What may frustrate a lot of teams out there is that Bronny isn't exactly like LeBron. Even though there is quality in the young player, he is incomparable to his father. Currently, the athlete has averages of 5.7 points, 2.9 rebounds and 2.6 assists for the Trojans. Very far from what his father was at the beginning of his career. LeBron was already a star in high school and always had this aura around him of being the best.

However, Bronny appears to be just another rotation player for now. Experts believe that LeBron's firstborn will never be what his father is, but that doesn't mean he will be a bad player. The number 6 has a lot of intelligence when it comes to plays, knows how to look for his teammates well and knows the best moments to shoot. Of course, he still lacks that extra something, but it's possible that Bronny will become a great player in the NBA.


Now we just have to wait and find out. Bronny will have many years in the league to prove himself as a great player. Even though many understand that he will never reach the heights of his father, the young man arrives with a certain expectation and has the talent to show that he will not be just another person to play basketball.

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Could LeBron James' desire to play with his son be bad? Understand

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