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Kevin Durant reveals that he is already old enough to retire: “How about…”

Phoenix Suns star and two-time NBA champion, Kevin Durant reveals that he enjoys the routine of playing within the league and that he plans on playing for many years to come

Generally, the life of a professional athlete is usually short. So, when many are in the final stretch of their careers, many begin to feel a sense of nostalgia and reevaluate their priorities, wanting to enjoy the journey even more during the last moment. The star of Phoenix Suns and two-time champion of NBA, Kevin Duranthe knows that, with 35 years behind him, he is beginning to face the “mortality” of his status as a player.


“It's always incredible, first of all, to play against one of the best players in history. LeBron James and I don't have that much time left, so we must take advantage of all these opportunities. These are confrontations that make everyone better. They brighten the fan experience, as well as making the game better. And as a result, it also makes us better at this point in our careers.”said the winger.

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The issue of longevity has become a much more discussed point in recent years, with an evolution in physical preparation and sports medicine, which helps players increasingly defy the limits of time. Athletes over 40 are no longer taboo in the NBA and Durant wants to be one of them in the future.

“I'm just trying to survive being 35, for starters (laughs). But seriously, I love this routine. I love everything about being an NBA player. I really like, more than that, representing this league around the planet. So I want to stay here. I don't know how much time I have, but how about acting for another ten years? Another ten years would be crazy!”the Arizona franchise's number 35 shot.

When talking about longevity, LeBron James is a great example, remaining at an all-star level even at 39 years of age and having played in the league for 21 years. Even with signs of a slowdown, he is far from the final stretch of his career. And Durant believes that, if he wants, the star of Los Angeles Lakers can play many more years professionally. “From a physical point of view, I think LeBron can play until he’s 43 years old. He takes great care of himself, after all, when he's not in action. He is a master at understanding what it takes to be an athlete and a superstar in this league. He understands what that means perfectly. Maybe he wants a new challenge in life, trying to extend his career until the age of 45, for example”stated KD.


However, as incredible as it may seem, Durant is not only interested in being an NBA player, but wants to improve and, more than that, become more versatile to exceed 40 years on the four lines. “I really want to be great in every aspect of the game. And I will only reach that level if the coach trusts me in defense, because you can't coach that. It's a game situation, so I'm asking to guard the best opposing athletes more and more. This way, I can improve and gain more experience to be the versatile defender I want.”concluded the star.

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Kevin Durant reveals that he is already old enough to retire: “How about…”

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