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Japan overtakes Zambia and scores biggest World Cup rout

In a match with disallowed goals, Japan involved Zambia to confirm the biggest score of the Women’s World Cup so far

O Japan won the Zambia by 5-0 this Saturday, the 22nd, at the Waikato Stadium, in New Zealand, in a match valid for Group C of the 2023 Women’s World Cup. With two goals annulled, the Japanese confirmed the triumph with goals from miyazawa (twice), Mina Tanaka, Riko Ueki It is Jun Endo. There were 22 submissions against none of the opponents.


With the result, the Japanese team took the lead in the group and has an advantage in goal difference, since the Spain hit the Costa Rica 3-0 last Friday. In addition, Japan applied the biggest rout of the Women’s World Cup so far.

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The game

Japan dominated the first half of the match and had a thin score for all the superiority presented over Zambia. One of the favorites for the Cup title, the Japanese team stopped at the great performance of goalkeeper Catherine Musonda, who avoided a more elastic score in the initial stage.

The Japanese managed to score in the 23rd minute of the game, but Tanaka’s goal was disallowed for offside following a VAR review. However, Japan had a goal from Hinata Miyazawa to open the scoring in the 43rd minute. In the bid, Fukino crossed the small area to enter the small area and found his partner, who finished off the goalkeeper’s foot: 1 to 0.


The 2011 world champion came back with everything for the second half, but ran into VAR’s correct decisions. At five minutes, Tanaka received Endo’s cross, got rid of the marking and finished with a left-handed shot on Musonda’s counterfoot, but the Japanese attacker was offside.

At seven minutes, the arbitration signaled a penalty for Musonda’s arrival at Fujino, but the penalty was annulled after review by VAR – the Japanese player was in an irregular condition in the bid.

Jun Endo celebrates scoring for Japan (Credit: GettyImages)

After scoring twice but to no avail, Tanaka finally scored his goal. At 10 of the second half, Hasegawa launched Endo, who entered the area from the left and made the low cross in the measure for the attacker to complete: 2 to 0.

The Japanese team took off in the second stage. At 16 minutes, Tanaka made the low cross for Miyazawa to arrive in the area: 3 to 0. The rout was achieved at 26 minutes, with a goal by Jun Endo. In a good collective move, the attacker received the last pass to finish crossed, in the left corner: 4 to 0.

In stoppage time, in the 53rd minute, Japan were awarded a penalty after Musonda fouled Ueki in the area; the Zambia goalkeeper was sent off. The Japanese attacker herself went for the kick and sent Sakala’s crossbar, but the referee ordered the kick back for the archer’s advance. In the second attempt, Ueki did not waste: 5 to 0.


Japan overtakes Zambia and scores biggest World Cup rout

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