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Find out more about car insurance for legal entities
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Are you a businessman and need to increase your fleet? See how car insurance works for legal entities.

Anyone who owns a company knows how valuable their assets are. When buying a car it would be no different.


Typically, a company vehicle can be used by several people.

For this reason, the risks of accidents are even greater, including situations such as collision, fire, theft and others.

7 cheap car insurance options for you

Therefore, it is important to be aware and take out car insurance for a legal entity.

Business auto insurance offers different advantages and extra coverage when compared to individual insurance.


In other words, for an individual's car.

Therefore, it is worth talking to your broker and finding out what types of coverage are available from the insurer.

With this care, it will be simpler to include protections and leave the vehicle as protected as possible.

Also, don’t forget to check the mandatory coverage that the insurer establishes.


They cannot be modified, but rather added with extra protections.

It is still important to check whether the chosen company is authorized to offer insurance.

To do this, visit the SUSEP (Private Insurance Superintendency) website.

SUSEP is the body that authorizes and regulates the sale of insurance in Brazil.

Auto insurance for legal entities

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Why take out car insurance for a legal entity?

Auto insurance for legal entities is ideal for those who have a company and are thinking about buying another car.

The vehicle will become part of the company's fleet regardless of the number of cars it has or will have.

Therefore, it will be subject to several risks, greater than what an individual's car suffers.


Think with us: it is quite common for a company vehicle to be used by several people.

At the same time, its use is constant, being used to transport employees, technical visits, cargo and more.

Using the car to work, the company creates a greater risk that the car will suffer accidents in its daily life.

In some activities, the need to take out insurance is unquestionable.


After all, the risks associated with the activity carried out are high.

This is the case when transporting cargo or people, or carrying out services that require constant use of the vehicle.

In these cases, the car will be much more exposed to losses from accidents and various unforeseen events.

A company already has to deal with many problems on a daily basis.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.


Worrying about a car doesn't have to be one of them.

Better to have good car insurance for a legal entity, don't you think?

Any type of company that owns vehicles can take out auto insurance for a legal entity.

From transport companies, insurance brokers, transport companies, private transport companies, buses, taxi fleets and more.


Some insurers treat the protections for all of these vehicles as one. But others offer very different insurance for each person.

So, pay close attention when getting your quote and know how to compare the insurance available.

Understand the insurance deductible for legal entities

Have you ever imagined having to pay for an accident involving an employee, or even your own?

If the vehicle is not insured, this is what will happen.


However, with corporate insurance, the company and the insurer share the losses.

It's simple: the company takes out the insurance and pays your premium. So, if an accident occurs, the company covers the insurance deductible.

The insurance company pays the rest of the amounts needed to repair the car.

For example: the company car has an accident and will have to go to the workshop.


The cost of your repair will be R$5,000, while the policy deductible is R$2,000.

This means that the company will have to pay R$2,000 to the workshop. Afterwards, the insurance company will pay the remaining R$3,000.

It is worth mentioning that the insurance deductible is only charged in the case of partial loss.

Partial loss occurs when the damage to the vehicle is less than 75% of the car's value.

Meanwhile, total loss happens when the car has damage exceeding 75% of the car's value.


In this situation, the company pays the full compensation for the purchase of a new vehicle. Here, there is no deductible charge.

Full compensation is also paid when the vehicle is stolen or stolen and not recovered by the police.

How to take out car insurance for a legal entity?

To purchase the best car insurance for a legal entity, it is important to research several companies before signing a contract.

This is because companies evaluate different factors when quoting insurance.


Therefore, the costs are very different for each insurer, as are the coverages offered.

Not using your car a lot, for example, can make the service cheaper.

When the company uses the vehicle several times, depending on the activity, it is important to have extra coverage to avoid any type of loss.

Typically, the coverage offered in car insurance for legal entities is:

  • Collision;
  • Theft or robbery;
  • Fire;
  • Damage to third parties;
  • Personal Accidents to Passengers;
  • 24-hour assistance;
  • Cargo protection;
  • Glass protection, etc.

When insuring more than one car, the cost of protection becomes even cheaper.

Then analyze whether there will be a need to purchase more than one vehicle in a short period of time.

This way, your company will be able to save, both when purchasing vehicles and when protecting them.

How much does car insurance for companies cost?

It is important to evaluate what each company offers for legal insurance, and also analyze what you really think is important to add to the coverage.

When in doubt, always ask your broker for guidance and carry out several simulations.


It is interesting to evaluate insurance with additional coverage, and others only with conventional coverage, such as collision and theft protection.

Often, the cost between the options is not that different, and not having complete coverage can be more expensive.

After all, after the accident, the legal entity would have to bear the repair cost alone, without the help of the insurance company.

Auto insurance bonus for legal entities

If your company already has other insurance in its name, you can use the bonuses accumulated on the insurance to take out a new one.


With the bonus classes, the company will have a discount when taking out new insurance.

It is possible to accumulate up to 10 bonus classes. The insured receives a bonus class each time they renew their insurance without having registered a claim in the previous contract.

It is worth mentioning that the bonuses are worth different discount percentages in each insurance company. So, you need to do a lot of research to find the best car insurance offer for a legal entity.

Insurers that offer auto insurance for companies


There are several insurance companies that offer car insurance services to legal entities. But, as we mentioned before, it is very important to research.

Not just because of the bonus classes. In fact, insurers assess the insured's risk factors in different ways.

So, there are times when the drivers' profile counts more. In other companies, the type of car, or even the company's history, are more important.

Therefore, insurance values ​​can be very different from insurer to insurer.


A good search and quote with several companies will help you find the best offer for your company's insurance.

Below, we present some insurance companies that work with this type of service. Follow along!


Mapfre offers three car insurance options for companies: AutoMais Frota, AutoMais Táxi and AutoMais Caminhão.

The basic coverage of these insurance policies includes protection against fire, theft and collision.


There are also several additional coverages available, such as for personal accidents per occupant, accessories of the insured vehicle, armor, spare car and more.


At Caixa Seguradora, the coverage available in company car insurance is:

  • Collision, total or partial loss;
  • Robbery or theft;
  • Fire;
  • Nature events;
  • Damage to third parties;
  • Personal accidents to passengers;
  • Flashlights, headlights and rear view mirrors;
  • Glass repair and replacement; It is
  • Spare tire theft/theft.

Bradesco Seguros

Meanwhile, at Bradesco, companies can find coverage for vehicles such as cars and trucks.

The advantages offered by the insurance company are diverse. Companies can, for example, pay insurance in up to 10 installments.

There are also personalized services, such as a spare car, protected glass insurance and 24-hour assistance.


Not to mention a benefits club that offers discounts on automotive services, car cleaning and others.

When purchasing car insurance for a legal entity, don't forget to get a quote from several insurers.

Not just the ones we mentioned, but the many others that exist on the market. Counting on a broker can make the process easier, as they have access to several insurance companies at once.

Here at, you can get this information by getting a car insurance quote for legal entities quickly and without leaving home.


Our brokers are experts and are willing to answer all your questions. Always be protected!

*This text is editorial content and does not guarantee the sale of this product on this website.

Find out more about car insurance for legal entities

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Find out more about car insurance for legal entities



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Find out more about car insurance for legal entities

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