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Hideo Kojima – discover 10 games by the creator of Metal Gear –
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The name “Metal Gear“ is one of those that all gamers know. After all, we are talking about a legend who helped video games reach an even higher level. This brilliant game was created by Hideo Kojima and represented the culmination of the mastery of one of the greatest game producers in history.

However, “Metal Gear” wasn’t the only great product that came out of “Insane mind” by Kojima. The producer has a history of good ideas and, of course, “Death Stranding” may be many things, but it is far from being something common (and left a lot of people dying of anxiety). So, to prove the genius of Hideo Kojimathis post will introduce 10 games that featured the talent of this creative Japanese man. So, be sure to follow along…

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Penguin Adventure

Starting our list of ten games from the creator of “Metal Gear”, we have the game “Penguin Adventure”, released by Konami in 1986. The game may be very different from the legendary “Metal Gear”, but it is necessary to consider that it is the first title Hideo Kojima worked on.


In 1987, Kojima brought the first “Metal Gear” to life and the game gave him the reputation he needed to put his plans into practice. In 1988, “Snatcher”, a Cyberpunk-style adventure game, was created.


For your outfit “more adult”, the game caught the attention of many players and to this day he is revered. The game was entirely written by Kojima and the plot is further proof of the Japanese man's genius. The gameplay was interesting and guaranteed a very innovative interaction for the time.


Policenauts“, released in 1994, was another game written and directed by Hideo Kojima. In fact, this title is one of the most famous in the producer’s career, and is always mentioned right after “Metal Gear“.

The adventure is full of science fiction elements and features several references to many cinema hits. Despite being a famous title, the game was never released outside of Japan.engaging story managed to be successful and several remakes were released after. Even so, only the Japanese were able to enjoy this great adventure.

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Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand” was a game released in 2003, for the Game Boy Advance. The title was a little different from the “Kojima standard”. Here we had a adventure with many RPG features and a style completely based on Japanese anime.


Despite following a line more within the standards of the RPG genre, Kojima gave some special touches to the game. In that case, the The most creative point was the presence of a solar sensor in the game cartridge. This sensor used solar energy to enhance the spells and weapons used by the characters. Genius!

Zone of the Enders

Zone of the Enders“, widely known as ZOE, was a game released in 2001 for the PS1. In this title, Kojima promoted a time traveltaking players to a future full of space travel.

The game brought together elements of third-person shooters and tactical RPGs. The story was the highlight of the adventure, with a very well developed plot. The success of the game was so great that it ended up giving rise to a successful franchise and some animes that had excellent repercussions.

Crime Life: Gang Wars

When “Crime Life: Gang Wars” was released in 2005 for the PS2, Kojima managed to surprise a lot of people. The game was a kind of GTA combined with classics from the Beat 'em up genrelike “Final Fight”.


Despite having an interesting plot, the game was heavily criticized and the reviews were, for the most part, negative. In any case, the fights between gangs, which marked the game, had some modest touches of Hideo Kojima's genius. The game wasn't a huge success, but it was far from a failure.

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Lunar Knights

Released for the Nintendo DS in 2006, “Lunar Knights” is considered the fourth title in the Boktai franchise (created by Kojima). Maintaining many of the characteristics of previous games, the game drew attention for its exquisite look.

Generally, “Lunar Knights” cemented Kojima's vision for role-playing games. That is, the formula consisted of presenting a Engaging story, intelligent systems and action-packed battles. Not surprisingly, the game pleased the many RPG fans that the Nintendo DS managed to rescue.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow“, released in 2010, was a production by Kojima Productions which, at the time, was still a subsidiary of Konami. This was a golden opportunity for Kojima, as he would have the opportunity to put his Differentiated twist on a legendary franchise.


The result was excellent. Combining the producer's unusual vision with the series' appeal, the story, starring Gabriel Belmont, was a great success. The game had a lot of action and an unusual 3D style for the franchise. Really, the game was a water divider for this Konami legend.


PT” is the most curious title on this list of games made by Hideo Kojima. The game was created to act as a interactive teaser for the “Silent Hills” project. Despite featuring Kojima and filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro, the project was canceled and all that was left was PT.

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This production, marked by huge psychological horrorwas critically acclaimed and a huge success. Its visuals were intriguing and the puzzles were challenging. Even though it was a short game, the impact was great. When Konami removed PT from the PlayStation Store (due to the cancellation of the project), the fans were revolted.

Death Stranding

To conclude, we have “Death Stranding“. With a sequel coming in 2025, no spoilers, the game is completely unusual. In this sense, there is no shortage of reports of people saying that “Death Stranding” sparked a revolution.


The game has a Incredible visuals and very original gameplay. Many players found the game boring, others found it incredible. Without a doubt, it is a controversial work in the “love it or hate it” style. Does Hideo Kojima will really make history again with the sequel? We'll see.

As you can see, “Metal Gear” was an unusual game, but Hideo Kojima also gave life to others super interesting projects. This only leads us to conclude that this visionary Japanese is one of the most important names in the history of games. Well, that's it… until next time!


Hideo Kojima – discover 10 games by the creator of Metal Gear –

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Hideo Kojima – discover 10 games by the creator of Metal Gear –


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