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How to name an additional driver on the insurance?
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Nominating an additional driver on the insurance can change the cost of protection, but also prevent problems. Follow the text and learn everything about the subject.

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Nominating an additional driver on your insurance is a great way to maintain good relations with the insurance company.


After all, it is always important to tell the company everything about the car.

When taking out car insurance, the consumer fills out a form about the use of the vehicle.

Information such as the vehicle's traffic area, frequency of use and information about drivers are requested.

All this information is necessary to define the risk of a car accident and, consequently, the cost of insurance.


The issue is that many people still have doubts about when it is necessary to add the other driver as an additional one.

Therefore, many policies do not have extra drivers, which can become a hassle later.

To help with this matter, we have separated the main questions and answers in this article. Check it out below!

How to name an additional driver on the insurance?

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What is additional insurance driver?

An additional driver for car insurance is a person who drives the car, but does not spend as much time behind the wheel as the main driver.

In a typical policy, the insured is the primary insurance driver.

However, if other people use the car regularly, they end up being part of the group of additional drivers.

It is possible to include the insured's spouse, children, other relatives and friends in this group.


Can I have more than one driver on the insurance policy?

Yes, it is possible to include more than one driver in the insurance contract.

In fact, it is advisable to inform the insurance company of all people who use the vehicle.

When passing on this information, just remember to check with your insurance company to see if there is a maximum number of drivers to be included in the policy.

It is also worth asking the company about in which situations it is unnecessary to add these drivers.


The rules for each insurance company vary, and deserve special attention.

What information is requested from the additional driver?

When enrolling a new driver in the policy, the insurance company needs to understand who this other person is using the vehicle.

For this reason, information about your profession, age, gender, marital status, address and others will be asked.

Data of this type indicates the individual's risk of loss.


In other words, the chances of it suffering a collision or other problems. When the risk of loss is high, insurance costs increase.

It is quite common for the insurer to still seek to understand the driver's driving history.

Other inquiries may also be made, if the company deems it necessary.

Do I pay more for including other drivers?

Yes, there is an increase in costs when an additional driver is added to the policy.


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Each person added as a driver ends up increasing the insurance value a little, since the risk of a car accident increases.

The value per individual included in the contract varies greatly.

This is because the complete profile of each driver is considered to determine the values.

A young person, for example, increases the cost of insurance more significantly, as they have little experience behind the wheel.


Based on this experience, your chance of a claim is greater, as is the risk that the insurance company will have to pay compensation soon.

Due to these chances of expenses, the company seeks to protect itself, and then charges extra for insurance.

The best way to find out what the insurance cost will be for additional drivers is to request a quote.

Can I change the main driver just to pay less when including additional drivers?

Understand that when you lie on your insurance form, you run a serious risk of not receiving compensation in the event of an accident.


This means that, if the main driver is an 18 year old who uses the car 6 days a week, he must be informed in this situation.

Changing drivers just to pay less can cause problems.

Imagine, for example, that this 18-year-old is the main driver.

However, knowing that he will pay more, he asks his father to take out the insurance as the main driver.


Without a doubt, savings will occur, as the older individual has more experience behind the wheel.

However, after an accident, the insurance company checks whether the information given to it matches reality.

If the company realizes that the young man is the main driver, and not his father, it may deny insurance compensation, alleging fraud.

The result will be that users will have to pay for the losses themselves.

They may still be legally sued by the company if it feels aggrieved.


And if the secondary driver has an accident, will the insurance company pay?

Clear! The intention of informing that there are other people driving the vehicle is to make the insurance company aware that they may be involved in accidents.

If this occurs, simply contact the insurance company reporting the loss.

Then, the company will provide you with further guidance on how to repair the car or pay compensation.

My policy is already in effect, but I want to add an additional driver. I can?

Yes you can. Just make an insurance endorsement.


Any changes made to the vehicle must be reported to the insurer, and this includes other people driving your car.

However, it is worth remembering that additional drivers generate extra value in the policy.

Therefore, the price of insurance may be readjusted. These extra costs must be paid for the policy to continue to be valid.

Can an additional driver be refused?

It can, but that rarely happens.


When the driver does not have a good driving record, what can happen is that the insurance value may be quite high due to the additional driver.

Can I not enter any additional drivers?

If you are the only person driving the insured car, you will not need to add drivers to the policy.

Now, if your car has additional drivers, and you don't include them in the policy, problems could happen.

The consequences can be the same as if you indicate the main driver incorrectly.


In other words, denial of compensation and legal proceedings.

For this reason, it's worth talking to your insurer.

Ask her which drivers should be included in the policy — those who use the car every day? Every week?

This way, you will have the security of always being covered against unforeseen events.


Is every car driver an additional driver?

Imagine that you don't live in the same city as your parents and, on vacation, you decide to travel to them by car.

During this period, they will use their vehicle a few times, for a quick trip around the neighborhood.

So the question arises: should they be included in the policy as additional drivers? The answer is no.

When a driver drives the car very sporadically, it does not need to be included in the policy.


Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to lend your car to a friend in an emergency, right?

It is only important to indicate the most frequent drivers, such as those who use the vehicle at least once a week.

This is the most common specification used by insurers, but it can also vary.

Therefore, it is necessary to question the company about the matter.


Ready! Now you know everything you need to know about naming an additional driver on your car insurance.

Remember to talk to your insurance company and respect all rules on the topic.

This way, your coverage will be fully valid in your daily life.


How to name an additional driver on the insurance?

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How to name an additional driver on the insurance?


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How to name an additional driver on the insurance?


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