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How to take out insurance without leaving home
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Insurance is almost essential for anyone looking for more security, whether for their home, car or even their life. This can be done from the comfort of your home, so much so that there are already several companies that provide this type of service.

Not only because of its convenience, but also because it saves time and makes it easier to purchase options and prices, this modality has gained its place. However, before taking out insurance, you need to take some precautions to avoid falling into traps.


Rate the website

There is no point in using a super complicated website where the information causes more doubts than clarification. The website must be easy to navigate and the content must speak your language, as this is the only way to understand what is being offered.

Check if the brokerage has online or telephone support so you can clarify your doubts immediately, this will speed up the service and also give you a sample of what the after-sales will be like.

Find out if the broker is trustworthy

In the online world, unfortunately, there are many companies that are not serious and that is why you need to check if the broker you choose has a good track record. One way to check this is on the website of the Private Insurance Superintendency (Susep) because it is responsible for supervising this type of service.

Only after carrying out this analysis and everything is ok should you continue with your research and subsequently hire the most reliable insurance companies.



There is no point in choosing the first option and thinking that this is the best. There are several insurance options with different coverage, assistance and payment conditions. The ideal is to carry out a very comprehensive research with as much information as possible so that you can make this comparison.

Abuse of customization

Some websites offer this possibility, so if you have one, it may be a good option to test them with different coverage and assistance. If you are in doubt about any, it is possible to carry out simulations with and without it to see if it is financially worthwhile.

Sometimes, for a small difference in value, it is possible to count on services that will be very useful.

Do not lie

During the simulation, some data will be requested so that the most accurate quote possible can be made, but when you change this information the insurance value also changes. Therefore, it is important that the information provided is real so that it does not influence the value of the insurance and you do not have any problems if you need to use it.



If you are purchasing insurance and any doubts arise, it is important to clarify them before finalizing the purchase, so contact a broker and only close the deal after the issues have been clarified.

Read the contract

No matter how much you think you understand all the information, it is very important that the proposal is read calmly. This is because it may contain small details that had not been observed and information that may surprise you at the time you need it most.

It is also important to check that all the information is correct and if there is an error, ask the broker to make the correction.


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How to take out insurance without leaving home

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How to take out insurance without leaving home


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How to take out insurance without leaving home

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