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Japan national team rocks women’s World Cup opener with historic rout

The new generation of the Japanese national team showed a lot of competence in their debut for the Women’s World Cup held early this Saturday (22), at Waikato Stadium, in Wellington. Coach Futoshi Ikeda’s men had no difficulties in conquering an elastic result against Zambia, beating their opponents by 5×0. The match was also surprising due to the discrepancy in the number of finals, in which the Asian team completed 25 times during the game, while the Africans did not shoot once.

japanese national team
Japan players celebrating during the match (Photo: reproduction/gettyimages)

Pressure from the start

With a squad composed of young players and willing to demonstrate a superior game volume in their debut, the Japanese managed to push Zambia into the defense field from the first minutes, leaving the opponents without any reaction. Despite constantly pressing and controlling possession of the ball, Japan’s submissions took a while to clear the scoreboard, mainly due to the great interventions of goalkeeper Catherine Musonda, who avoided a rout built in the initial stage.


After threatening the goal for much of the game, Tanaka managed to put the ball in the net in the 23rd minute, but after VAR review, the offside ended up being called. Seeing the weakness in Zambia’s defensive system, the score was officially opened before the break, after much insistence. The cross coming from Fukino on the right wing found Miyazawa unmarked, who finished in the opposite corner of the goalkeeper.

Endo scored Japan’s fourth goal of the game (Photo: reproduction/gettyimages)

VAR once again and rout

The 2011 world champions continued to crush from half-time, but they also suffered from VAR’s correct interventions, as seen in the first half. The Orientals scored again at 3 minutes of In the final stage, Tanaka received it in front of the penalty area and after winning with the iron foot, he finished in the corner, but the offside was called again. Subsequently, the video referee also annulled a penalty in the firm tackle between Musonda and Fujino, once again due to the irregular position of the Japanese player at the beginning of the play.

After having two goals disallowed in the match, Tanaka managed to score without any irregularities. The Japanese midfielder took advantage of Endo’s low cross on the left end and kicked a tackle into the opponent’s penalty area, increasing the score. In addition to the impediments, Fujino also wasted a clear chance shortly afterwards, but it was again at Tanaka’s feet that another Japanese goal came out. Number 11 ran to the bottom line and managed to avoid the ball leaving, Miyazawa appeared free to finish. With the result in hand, the passes between Ueki and Hasegawa were engaging and left Endo in front of the goal, who shot in the left corner, with no chance for Musonda.

In the last play of the game, Ueki received a deep pass inside the defense, the Japanese dribble ended in a penalty made by goalkeeper Musonda, who received her second yellow and was expelled. The first charge for number 9 was saved by Sakala and even hit the crossbar, but the referee ordered it back. This time, Ueki converted and ended the rout at Waikato Stadium.


The best moments of the match. (Video: Playback/Youtube)

The expressive result in the first game within the World Cup, proved Japan’s favoritism in Group C, which runs in search of its second championship. The elastic rout against Zambia leaves the world champions in the lead, ahead of Spain, which has the same score, but scored two goals less in their game. The four teams return to the pitches the following Wednesday (26), where the Asians face Costa Rica, while the Spanish duel against Zambia.

Featured Photo: Players of the Japanese national team celebrate during the match. Reproduction/Gettyimages

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Japan national team rocks women’s World Cup opener with historic rout

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