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Leaving a man for a woman

Leaving a man for a woman is no longer that extraordinary although it can be scary. I asked three women who left their man for a woman to testify on the subject. To do this, I asked them these questions:

You broke up with your man and then fell in love with a woman, how do you explain this?

– Today, do you have a real preference for women or for you it is rather a story of character / personality?


– Could you give positive and negative sides in your two relationships?

– To what extent does a woman bring you more fulfillment in your relationship?

– Had you ever been attracted to women before?

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Leaving a Man for a Woman: Virginia’s Testimony:

So my story is very classic. I am 38 years old and have two children and I have always been with men and never attracted to women.

Last year my couple was not very well(routine, disinterest in the other, lack of communication.)

At my work I met a woman who was a lesbian but I was not interested in her as a partner but more as a colleague.

We did an outing one day with colleagues and after that evening, we started chatting all 2 via messaging.


After 3 weeks, I realized that our conversations were only friendly and that attraction was looming.

She kissed me at a party with mutual friends. Kiss that I gave him back too…

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I did not ask myself any questions about what was happening from that moment on.

Our relationship began there.

Everything happened very quickly afterwards. I confessed to my ex-spouse the truth and I left the apartment three months later to take a home on my own.


We are still together today. (Leaving a man for a woman)

I don’t know why this big change… I did not ask myself too many questions. I fell in love with a person. Not a woman. It’s complicated to explain but I don’t feel homo. I’m with a person I love and it doesn’t matter if it’s a woman. We are connected, have the same points of view and communication is essential between us…

We see things and the future in the same way and I discover myself at his side.

More cuddly, more caring, more confident…

I don’t know how the future will be… we have plans and I hope that this will come to fruition.

I do not know what happens next. If it were to end, I don’t know if I would go back with a woman or a man… I live intensely with the person who brings me good. Quite simply.


Leaving a Man for a Woman: Caroline’s Testimony

I was living a “I love you neither” story with a man who was the father of two. After 3 years of crazy love routine and the children finished us… I left it. I tried to rebuild something, I accumulated the adventures … On saw each other again, we tried again, we left, we found each other, in short this masquerade lasted 2 years while being each at home ... I think we loved each other but we didn’t have the same life, the same goals. One summer, I go to work 1000km from home, we are always together, we had a good weekend just before my departure I tell myself that I love him and that I am lucky to have him by my side.

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And then the days go by and I don’t miss him.

We call ourselves every day, it is gnawed by the lack … I have fun! professionally, I have good colleagues, I do not deceive him at least not yet … I find a colleague I knew before and who lives near my home, we talk well, maybe even too well … I know she’s gay and in a relationship.

I don’t have a particular goal on her then she confides about her life as a couple and through her stories I recognize myself… eventful and chaotic life with huge love instability … accumulate the conquests to love less… forge a shell so as not to suffer… Our similarities bring us together. Until the day when to tease me she puts my head under water, I take her in my arms and try to do the same to her … except that there such, a magnet it attracts me … on all levels I feel serene with her…

I do not know yet if this gesture is just friendly and if I will go further but I keep it against me for a long time… We continue to discuss everything, nothing it does not emerge from my embrace. The time to return to work and we find ourselves in the evening she takes me back in arms I am well, happy … I feel that little by little I fall into a chasm … I think that’s called love. It’s weird, I didn’t remember at all what effect it was … his gentleness his understanding comforts me. I feel it’s the same for her. She is serene smiling and relaxed… her eyes speak for her.


This rapprochement was made at a time when I was a little cheerful and when I was not in seductive or even predative mode as I could do before . I had never revealed myself in this way and above all, in such a short time. At the moment we are talking about expanding the family 😉

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Do I have a preference for women? (Leaving a man for a woman)

I wouldn’t say that, I’m able to find a sexy man too… but it is really my wife who attracts me. So I bet more than the character and personality of a person than his gender.

– Positive points of a hetero relationship:

  • No prejudice on the part of others
  • Easier to build a family…

– Negative points of a hetero relationship:

  • Too much stereotype … housekeeper food slave of her couple’s life
  • In the intimate life not always fulfilled by the act when the man does not seek to deepen the foreplay…

– Positive points of a homo relationship:

  • Facing the difference, usually your spouse thinks as a woman … if you have not had time to do the household chores she will do them or help you…
  • On an intimate level, it is more focused on the pleasure of the other the act can last much longer. It’s softer more tender but it can also become more beastly …

-Negative points of a homo relationship:

  • Complexity for procreation
  • Not always well seen

I am fulfilled with my wife she knows in advance what I will do or want.

Sometimes I feel like we communicate telepathically! When I am with her I am happy and serene. We complement each other wonderfully. Where men failed she succeeded … to make me faithful and in love effortlessly on his part or mine

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My attraction to women is not new, however. This is the first time that a relationship lasts so long without flawless deception … and where I’m really in love.

Leaving a man for a woman: Coralie’s testimony

I was in a relationship with a boy recently when I met the girl I am with today. Finally as a couple is a great word. He was attached but I did not at all. I liked it so I was having fun but I didn’t really attach myself. Then I started to rub shoulders with this girl and I didn’t care about him even more. How to explain it?!


I will not be able to explain it at all again 6 years later.

There are things that can not be explained. From the first moments, from the first exchanges of words, exchanges of smiles, exchanges of laughter, it is as if I knew that I had to try with this woman! I had a huge crush without anything happening. It cannot be explained. I was the happiest when we finally kissed but I also cried at night to try to understand at the time what was happening to me! But despite the doubts I decided to follow my instincts and my heart that told me to go for it with this girl and so I left the guy in the process.

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I don’t think I have any real preferences for women. That’s how weird it is. Physically I look at men, I find some men very beautiful and my girlfriend is also more wary of men than women with me ahah

But when I talk, when I share with women, then I’m more attracted to them than to men. My attraction is not to the look but to the relationship I can have with the person so yes I think that the personality and the character are the most important and especially the feeling between two people!

Looking back I also think that I have no confidence in men compared to women.

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