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I am in a relationship with a married man

When I posted a call for testimony “I am in a relationship with a married man” on the Facebook page to talk about love I frankly did not expect to have so many answers (more than 200 in less than 48 hours). I thank you all sincerely for your involvement. I have read all your testimonies and have had to select four of them.

I make this article because, although political correctness is often among us, the reality is there: many women and men live adulterous relationships. I would ask you to be and not to judge them because in life, you are never safe from anything!



I find these testimonies touching. It is clear that very often, it “falls on them”. It is not chosen, not premeditated. Moreover, I find that we do not often talk about the distress of this single person in a couple with a married man.

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I am in a relationship with a married man: Testimonials from the readers

The names have been changed for reasons of anonymity.

Sandra: “In a couple for 10 years with a married man”

I am 32 years old and I have lived for the moment a very beautiful and long love story based on many wonderful things. This relationship lasted more than 10 years when a love was completely reciprocal between him and me. He never left his wife and rarely spent the night with me something I always suffered out of love since it was he and no one else that I wanted. Today, I still love him madly but I want to make my life, have my family to me have my man who comes home every night and I can no longer afford to share it and I don’t want it anymore.

Clémence: “For us it worked” (I am in a relationship with a married man)

In September 2014 I fell in love with my co-worker. We turned around to finally crack and fall in love. A period followed when I was his mistress, he decided to leave her in December but she held him back by playing on the fact that their daughter was still a baby, that he had to try again for her… So he went back with her, but she knew we kept seeing each other. I tried several times to cut the bridges but he always came back. Then she finally let him go after a year of battle. today we bought a house, we are passé, we are waiting for a little girl who will be born in 2 months and we are marrying next summer.


Chloe: “This love has exhausted me, hurt me, broken forever”

I met Mr on the net he never hid from me that he was married between the two of us it was intense very quickly. A visceral need to be together. He told me that he did not want to leave her because of the children, that he wanted to preserve the cocoon.

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I accepted as well as I could. As the months passed, our love intensified. He told me he was going to leave her. He did everything to provoke the thing in his home… I waited patiently because I was completely crazy about him. It lasted 3 years… And then, one evening, a message. His wife is suffering from a serious and dazzling illness, she does not have one for a long time. (I am in a relationship with a married man)

He wants to be with her… Again I understand because I love it. Four months later she died. I’m here for him. The shoulder, the ear, I listen to him, I try to help him because he finds himself managing everything. We are getting closer nothing in my eyes could stand in the way of this love. One day he is happy to no longer hide (except in front of his children of course), and the other day he is overcome with shame towards her.

It stops our history. I collapse. 6 months later he comes back to me, apologizes, tells me that he was a big slut. We see each other again and then he announces to me after 3 months that he has a friend, that it is not serious but hey there.


I stopped there. We had everything to be happy but he didn’t take his chance. I realize as I write that I am quite pathetic. I tell myself that if she were still alive, he would never have left her. Love blinds. This love has exhausted me, hurt me, broken forever. Since it’s been two years since everything is over I can no longer trust.

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Sophie: “Did he make fun of me?” (I am in a relationship with a married man)

More than 10 months ago I fell in love with one of my co-workers. I was pacified and it was not going well in my couple for more than a year while I was with him for 6 years. I am almost 39 years old, I am playful by nature and I want to enjoy life with ease: share a moment with two by opening a bottle for example, discuss everything and nothing … This man I met (who will be called Laurent) lived the same couple situation as me: more romantic feelings, routine …

We fell madly in love. He sent me fiery messages, that he loved me, that I was the woman of his life, he was looking to the future, introduced me to his 23-year-old son, told his daughter about me, saw my mother, that he would always be there for me. I felt unique with him. Of course we saw each other in secret. I announced to my companion in August that I wanted to separate because I no longer had the same feelings without telling him that I had met someone.

We shared the room until the beginning of January. He’s gone. For his part, Laurent announced to his partner that he wanted to separate… she told him that she still loved him. They are owners, are not married, nor pacsés, do not have children in common but each have them on their own so complicated situation. (I am in a relationship with a married man)


In addition, with his activity, he cannot move away from his home. I was happy as it progressed but recently he got sick and thought about our relationship and he questioned everything: his love for me. He says that we may have come closer because we were unhappy in our lives. We broke up and got back together. The messages are no longer inflamed, no allusion to our feelings but messages every day. I’ve even had the right to comments on my fb recently from him that show that something is going on between us. So I don’t know what to think anymore. My testimony is undoubtedly banal, one story among many others… But a story where I get lost because I love it… and in addition, I feel terribly alone with my head full of questions: did he make fun of me? Does he really separate? Did he come back with her?.

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The advice of these women in a couple with a married man:

The advice I would give is to avoid doing this… It destroys everyone in the end and we end up losing everything… It is magical at first, but the end is sometimes and more often than not, catastrophic for all.

You have to protect your heart.

There are sometimes obvious facts that you have to know how to “rush” a little. (I am in a relationship with a married man)


The observations that I was able to make following the emails received:

  • These are often single women in a couple with married men.
  • It is rarer that the two are in a couple.
  • The meeting is very often at work.
  • Partners do not often leave each other for the same reason: children.

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