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Living a couple relationship at work

Living a couple relationship at work is not a long quiet river! Since your story began, you have become as discreet as a secret agent. Forced to hide, to lie, constantly on the alert for fear of betraying you. With as a bonus this impression of deceiving the whole earth! Fortunately, in compensation, you have been quite successful in protecting yourself.

And these nascent emotions have given way to a beautiful love story. This is nice news, and you’ll be delighted to hear that you’re going to be able to start releasing the pressure a little bit. So, how to live love with your colleague at work? Here are our tips for living a couple relationship at work.

Living a couple relationship at work: When the relationship becomes serious

After a few weeks or months, you realized to each other that your relationship was evolving. A first “I love you”, an official presentation to parents, a discussion that turned things around, or the move into the same apartment. You love each other, your relationship is serious and it’s official, you are now a couple!


1/ Formalize the relationship (by remaining pro)

The good news is that you can take a breather! Because this is the ideal time to announce the news to those around you, including your professional.

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Depending on your personality and the situation, it can be exultant or completely stressful! To comfort yourself, know that once your relationship is formalized, everyday life will be easier to manage, and you will no longer have to live constantly with the fear of making a gaffe. Farewell the secret relationship with the co-worker, everything will finally be formalized!

However, beware of proclaiming your love loud and clear in the middle of an open space or in a Monday morning meeting. That would not be the best effect.

You can decide to proceed in stages starting with your colleagues, especially if they already suspect it. However, be sure to inform your hierarchy promptly to prevent any susceptibility. On the other hand, the great fear of companies is that love stories will disrupt the working atmosphere. Put yourself in your leader’s shoes and reassure him about it.


Living a couple relationship at work

2/ Love yourself with restraint (at work)

Your love is now recognized in the company, so you can behave with more naturalness. Beware, however, of the outbursts of affection in the office. We do not teach you anything, we reserve kisses, nicknames, hugs, caresses for the evening at home. And above all we avoid being sleen and dripping with love in the work area (thank you).

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With your colleagues, you can of course talk about your life, your hobbies or your common projects, but agree beforehand on the level of information you concede to share.

And do not spread out your privacy in its smallest details. Your little stories of couples are up to you (possibly your best friends). No need to tell that we don’t like his best friend or that he has bad breath in the morning (you see the trick?). Hold your tongue, and everything will be fine.

3/ Love yourself without restraint (at home)

Outside of work, forget that your lover is also your colleague and lead a normal couple life. Do you know each other by heart during the day? Rediscover yourself in another light in the evening! Go out, move, go to the restaurant, make love! The best advice we can give to lovers who work together is to compartmentalize love life and life at work as much as possible. So leave your files aside, and don’t talk (too much) about the office.


If you have worries at work, it can be tempting to indulge in confidence. After all, who else could understand you as well as your spouse/colleague? But be aware that this can exhaust your couple in the long run. So keep your work problems away from your story, don’t let them contaminate your happiness of being together.

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Living a couple relationship at work

4/ Go elsewhere (if the grass is greener)

Slowly, we don’t tell you to leave your spouse (we calm down)! But despite all your efforts to make the revelation of your love go smoothly, it is possible that you are still not comfortable working together. It may not be related to external circumstances or people, but only a feeling on your part, and it may also be that being together 24 hours a day is a burden on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter, and above all it doesn’t bode well for the longevity of your relationship. Some people just prefer to differentiate the private and professional spheres more strongly.

What if this love event was an opportunity for you – or your spouse – to reconsider your current position? Ask yourself about your desires for a professional career. Perhaps you want to move to another department or apply for a management position? Or are you tempted by an outside opportunity? Ask yourself the right question: deep down, does your work always bring you satisfaction?

So if you feel ready, it may be time to change your tune! And finally become that “normal” spouse who tells his boring stories of work in the evening at home. We have a good bet that you will even end up experiencing a touch of nostalgia by evoking this period with the sweet scent of prohibition.



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