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Love letter from a young dad

Finding the right words to write a letterThere are things we would like to say to those we love. But we do not always know where to start, how to find the right ones, how to convey the right intentions. Today, we help you get started and send the most beautiful of letters:

The long-awaited day has arrived, you have just had your first child. After the 9 months of pregnancy which alone represent a sacred adventure, the stage of childbirth has passed. Your baby is born. From now on, there are three of you. You are no longer just a man and a husband or a companion, but a father, a dad. Just like the woman you love became a mother for the first time.

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To the three of you, you lay the first building of a new entity, that of the family. How many upheavals it creates in a life and especially so many emotions! Faced with this tsunami of love, you want to write to your wife the most beautiful love letter to celebrate this new stage in your life as a couple. Love letter from a young dad to his wife: our new life at 3, here is a model to inspire you.


Love letter from a young dad to his wife: our new life at 3

“My love,

We may have almost 9 months to prepare for it, we can say that we have time, and anticipate everything, there is one thing that it is impossible to predict, to know in advance. It is this outpouring of love that comes at the moment when they put our baby on your belly.

These emotions and feelings, they are wonderful and so intense that they take up all the space.

When you got pregnant, I knew we were embarking on an amazing adventure together. And I suspected that the outcome would be moving, magical, upsetting.

But not at this point, no believe me, I didn’t think I would be so moved by such a small thing, which already takes up so much space in our hearts and in our lives.


And most importantly, I didn’t think it would further increase my love for you. I have loved you so much for all these years, you know, but I have proof today that my love for you is unlimited, that it continues to grow over time and what we share.

We are off to a new episode in our life together, that of a new life for 3.

To us the life of parents, family life, the coming of our child as the powerful symbol of the love that binds us.

I want to make you full of promises for our future, promises that we keep, wishes that we want to see fulfilled, oaths of eternity.

The two of us, it is obvious from the beginning and the fruit of our love that you have carried and brought into the world, is only the logical and magnificent continuation of our love.


Love letter from a young dad to his wife: you are the woman of my life

You are the woman of my dreams and my lives, you are the one with whom I want to share everything, experiment, build, live. The one I love and want to love until my last breath.

You are an incredible woman, a wonderful wife and today I discover you in your role as a mother, for whom you are so beautiful, so loving, so sweet.

I have an incredible chance to live by your side, to share this experience that has existed since the dawn of time but is so upsetting to live.

That of a birth, that of the construction of a family. That of Love.

This new life for three, I wish us full of love obviously, but also full of joyful twists, imperishable memories, new projects. To lead us to a bright future.


I have images in my head of our happiness to come, of all these steps that we will know as parents. I can’t wait but at the same time I want to savor every moment by your side, by your side.

I know that time passes quickly, and even more so when happiness is invited, so I propose that we enjoy it together, every hour, every day, without ever getting tired of what life has just given us as a gift.

The most important of all, the most precious, the most beautiful. Our child, our baby, the extension of the two of us. A little of you, a little of me, so that our We last forever.

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