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Loving Two Men at Once

I posted a call for witnesses on the Facebook page to talk about love and I thank Marie very much (this is how we will call her to preserve her anonymity) for having answered it! Loving two men at once is not necessarily pleasant, far from it! We feel guilty, lost, unstable, in short, it’s not really joy. Love two men at once: testimony is gone!

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Loving Two Men at Once: Testimony of Mary

It is with pleasure that I share my experience even if this situation is difficult for me and that I really did not think to go through it one day.



How did you fall in love with two men at once?

I have been in a relationship for almost 7 years with a man I met a year after my separation while I was in the process of a rather complicated divorce. He is not perfect either, like everyone else but he accepted me and made sacrifices for me and my children when he himself had never had any. I spin a love as I can not explain it with him.

nevertheless……(Loving Two Men at Once)

Almost 4 years ago, through social networks, I found a boy with whom I had had a brief love affair 17 years before. It is true that at the time I would have been ready for anything for him and as far as he is concerned I was his first true love...

So we got back in touch in all honor since each on our side we were in a couple with children.

Little by little, a friendly bond was recreated

The news we gave ourselves after our reunion was occasional (birthday, Christmas, New Year…). We could stay for months without talking to each other then little by little we took news between 2 then more and more often and a friendly link was recreated.


Then we met again… (Loving Two Men at Once)

We saw each other again and to my surprise (because I never thought I could do that one day) we fell into each other’s arms naturally without even thinking about what was happening.

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Then we decided to continue to see each other, agreeing that neither would leave his spouse for the other since this story was a parenthesis.

But as the weeks went by, the attachment became stronger and stronger. Then the little love nicknames appeared during our discussions and we are now lovers for almost a year

Do you think there is one that inspires you security and the other passion (or something else?)

For my part, I do not think that one brings me more security or passion than the other. (Loving Two Men at Once)


They are complementary to me: what one does not bring me, the other provides me.

For example, the man with whom I live loves me and proves it to me every day but is not demonstrative, has no tender gestures or sweet words and does not know how to say I love you because of his upbringing. While “my secret” (as I call it) brings me all this (it is demonstrative, tender .). And what I do not find in him, I find in my companion.

Did you manage to choose? (Or do you think you’ll ever get there?) (Loving Two Men at Once)

I did not choose and I hope I do not have to do it because I will live it very badly and I think that my relationship with the other would not survive it because I really found my balance with these two men.

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What is the most difficult thing about this kind of “double-relationship”?

What was difficult for me initially was the double betrayal…(Loving Two Men at Once)

I betrayed my companion and also my lover’s companion. I who had already been the deceived woman in the past and who had sworn to me never to subject this to another…. I really felt very bad to the point of wanting to stop everything several times but I was not able to. Now that I had found him, I couldn’t lose him


What remains difficult for me even today is the lie…

Because if one is aware of everything, the other does not suspect anything and to be able to go find my lover, I must find “an alibi” . it makes me uncomfortable every time and I can’t look it in the face.

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