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Risk of having sex too often while pregnant

Having sex during pregnancy provides benefits, but too often it carries risks

Sex during pregnancy is generally safe to do as long as the pregnancy is healthy. This can be done to maintain harmony with your husband.

Is it a risk to the fetus? You don’t need to be afraid that intercourse can harm the fetus. This is because there is a lot of natural protection in the mother’s body, such as amniotic fluid, strong muscles in the uterus, and thick mucus that covers the cervix. These all help protect the fetus from the dangers of infection.

However, there are things that need to be considered so that you can have sex safely during pregnancy. Like how often and what are the effects if you have sex too often.


To add insight, consider the following review regarding the dangers of having sex too often during pregnancy,

Effects of Too Frequent Intimate Intercourse while Pregnant

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risk of having sex too often while pregnant
risk of having sex too often while pregnant

Although it is safe to do during pregnancy, you are healthy and strong, having too much intercourse can pose risks.

Frequent intercourse during pregnancy can lead to urinary tract infections (UTIs). In fact, UTIs can cause problems in pregnancy.

Having sex during pregnancy should not be more than three times a week to avoid the risk of UTIs.


To avoid risks, use a condom when having sex. Semen contains prostaglandins which can trigger contractions in the fetus. So that it can be a threat of miscarriage in early pregnancy. Movement and shaking that are too strong must be watched out because it can increase the risk for pregnant women and the fetus.

In addition, also discuss with your doctor to find out how often you can have intercourse.

Prevents the Risk of Urinary Tract Infections

risk of having sex too often while pregnant
risk of having sex too often while pregnant

To reduce the risk of developing urinary tract infections, pregnant women should clean the vagina before and after sex. Also, empty your bladder after sex to prevent infection.

Talk to your husband about the risks above, Ma. Make sure Mama and husband know safe tips for having sex during pregnancy.



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