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Makkah was hit by floods

Afrilatest: The city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia was hit by heavy rain for approximately three hours starting around 14.00 to 16.00 Saudi Arabia Time, on Tuesday (27/4/2021). As a result, the holy city was hit by flooding on a number of streets.

According to our source in Makkah, the rain caused not only floods but also hail. Meanwhile, on a number of social media such as Twitter, netizens are also busy uploading photos and videos of flood and hail conditions.

1. The rain lasted about three hours and caused flooding to hail

2. Floods prevent vehicles from passing


Meanwhile, from the video posts uploaded by netizens on Twitter, the floods caused four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles to be unable to pass on the streets. From the video that was circulating, a number of residents had to be evacuated.

In addition, several residents were also seen cleaning the puddles that had entered their homes.

Another video upload also shows that there is hail in the Grand Mosque. As uploaded by the Twitter account owner @saleh_alazzaz.

“The rains of today in the Holy Mosque in Makkah ,” he tweeted, four hours ago.


In the uploaded video, Saleh also includes a video of the floods in the city of Makkah reaching the height of the wheels of a sedan.

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