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Master Insurance: transport safely!
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In this article you will have information about how important it is to take out Renault Master car insurance and what its advantages and disadvantages are.

The Renault Master has been produced since 2002 and in September 2011 it received a new version, the Vitré, with a van with glazed windows.


In 2012 it arrived with its 2013 line, in which its engine received an EGR system to meet the emissions standards set out in the Proconve L6 legislation.

Its second generation arrived in March 2013 with a 130 horsepower 2.3 16V engine and average sales last year was 817 units per month, having sold 1,014 units in July 2013.

protect yourself at all times!

If you also find the model interesting and want more information to buy one and also protect your vehicle, it is important to ask any questions.

Master Insurance: transport safely!

Image: Renault


Why take out insurance for your Master

As it is a vehicle widely used for transportation, not only your safety, but that of all passengers, will be at risk. Therefore, the best way to protect yourself, your car and other passengers is to take out good Master car insurance.

Taking out this insurance prevents unnecessary situations and facilitates cases of robbery, theft and accidents, leaving you free from extra problems. In addition, you can count on other additional services that your insurance company offers. Just choose the best and most suitable one for your profile and guarantee maximum peace of mind at all times!

What is the value of Master insurance?

The price of Master car insurance can only be obtained accurately by making a personalized quote with your vehicle profile and details. But to give you an idea of ​​how much it costs to invest in this protection, Master 2.3 dCi Executive 16L Longo Dies 2013 insurance can start at R$1,700.

Remember that this value is just a range and that you can even pay less for this service if you make your own individual budget.


You can count on to get a quote and quickly receive insurance values ​​from the best companies in Brazil. What are you waiting for to protect your car?

Advantages and disadvantages of a Master

Among the main positive points highlighted by vehicle owners and published on the best websites in the area are the large transport capacity, great internal space, comfort and great technological improvements.

The negative factors are due to the high purchase price, difficulty in maintenance and average consumption considered high.

As opinions and tastes may differ, it is important to carry out good research before purchasing your car and do not forget the importance of Master car insurance to transport everyone safely.


And you, do you already have a Renault Master and want to share your experience with the vehicle? So tell us what are the advantages and disadvantages of the model, in your opinion.

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Master Insurance: transport safely!

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Master Insurance: transport safely!

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