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No Rancho Fundo: First images of the soap opera are revealed

TV Globo began releasing the first images of the new 6pm soap opera, No Rancho Fundo. The romantic comedy takes place in the present day and brings the richness and contrasts of the backlands.

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Created and written by Mario Teixeira with artistic direction by Allan Fiterman, No Rancho Fundo narrates the trajectory of the Leonel Limoeiros, led by the strong arm and open heart of the matriarch Zefa Leonel, the leader of the family from the interior who needs to deal with the clash between the place where they live and the city.

“It is a Brazilian microcosm. The story doesn't deal with stereotypes but with archetypes, the small town and the things that make it up. At the same time, it is a current soap opera, so people use cell phones, computers, cars, etc. The characters are driven by the feeling of wanting to improve things, they are nostalgic about the past, the life they led in common”, says author Mario Teixeira.

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The main plot revolves around Quinota (Larissa Bocchino), the daughter of Zefa Leonel (Andrea Beltrão) and Seu Tico Leonel (Alexandre Nero) and, according to the author, shows the formation process of this young woman. “She is an ultra-romantic girl who, throughout the novel, will become a strong woman like her mother. It's a character maturation process.


The soap opera's reference is to emphasize the position of women in society and, even though it is a story with protagonists who are simple people, they have the power to change their destiny, just like Zefa Leonel and Quinota, who throughout the plot will continue the mother’s inheritance”, defines Mario Teixeira.

From Lasca Fogo all roads seem to lead to Lapão da Beirada, the most popular municipality in the region. It is there that the hustle and bustle of urban life, marked by imposing buildings such as the Grand Hotel Saint Petersburg, attracts visitors from other places and makes its residents proud – the same cannot be said of the controversial, but popular Cabaré Voltagem…

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Rancho Fundo
Cast of the soap opera No Rancho Fundo – Photo (Disclosure/TV Globo)

On the famous Vileganhon street, there are the windows of the most varied brands that seduce their consumers, with their high-luxury products – simply chic! There, the public will be able to follow the plots of Marcelo Gouveia (José Loreto) and his partner Blandina (Luisa Arraes), always wanting to do well at the expense of others.

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The production, which will take place at six o'clock in the first half of this year, once again brings together the work of Mario Teixeira and artistic director Allan Fiterman, responsible for 'Mar do Sertão' (2022). Regarding the partnership, Allan highlights the harmony and tune, in addition to praising the pleasure he feels in recording the scenes written by Mario.


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“He is one of the greatest authors today, he goes deeply into history. The scenes are long and contain a lot of content, interesting and full of dramatic acts, which makes recording a pleasure. We have a great rapport, we talk every day. We are on the same path”, celebrates Allan.

According to the director, the soap opera is a country fable and tells a story of love and a family with financial limitations, but rich in values.

“We escape reality a little, because we have well-designed archetypes. Some even return from Mar do Sertão, like parallel universes that meet. In No Rancho Fundo, the story is more complex, our heroes have more layers. Zefa Leonel, played by Andrea Beltrão, is a vigilante who takes care of her family and rules the house. Seu Tico Leonel, played by Alexandre Nero, is her husband, but the strength of the house lies in the woman and not the man”, she concludes.


In the plot, the passionate Quinota (Larissa Bocchino) finally meets Marcelo Gouveia and this love sets her heart on fire once and for all. In love, she gives herself to her seducer from the big city. Amidst Quinota's enchantment and her mother, Zefa Leonel (Andrea Beltrão), a forced marriage arises between the young woman and Marcelo Gouveia. After all, in a town like Lasca Fogo, where a family's honor is defended with all its might, Quinota's reputation would be ruined without the official union – and would also run the risk of falling into the malicious mouth of Rosalinas, Primo's gossipy daughters. Cícero (Haroldo Guimarães): Faith (Rhaisa Batista), Hope (Andréa Bak) and Charity (Clara Moneke).

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Quinota is the type who believes in love at first sight, even though he goes through a great disappointment: despite committing to the union, Marcelo Gouveia (José Loreto) doesn't care about marriage, abandons his fiancée and runs away to the city. Faced with such an affront, Zefa Leonel (Andrea Beltrão) takes her daughter and, together, they go in search of the man in Lapão da Beirada, where they come across an environment completely different from what they are used to.

And like a good romantic comedy, marked by encounters and disagreements, scams and farces, major revelations and twists will completely change the course of the Leonel family. In Lapão da Beirada, Quinota experiences love again, this time with Artur Ariosto (Túlio Starling), the true good guy in the story.

In addition to Andrea Beltrão, Alexandre Nero, Larissa Bocchino, Túlio Starling, José Loreto and Luisa Arraes, the cast includes Alejandro Claveaux, Alex Patrício, Ana Mangeth, Andréa Bak, Clara Moneke, Dandara Queiroz, Debora Bloch, Eduardo Moscovis, Eloise Yamashita , Fátima Patrício, Guthierry Sotero, Haroldo Guimarães, Heloisa Honein, Igor Fortunato, Igor Jansen, Jorge Ritchie, Ju Colombo, Leandro Daniel, Maria Silvia Radomille, Mariana Lima, Nanego Lira, Natascha Falcão, Nina Tomsic, Renan Motta, Rhaisa Batista, Thardelly Lima, Tomás de França, Valdineia Soriano, Vitória Rodrigues and Zahy Guajajara.


'No Rancho Fundo' is created and written by Mario Teixeira with artistic direction by Allan Fiterman. The work is written in collaboration with Marcos Lazarini, Dino Cantelli, Angélica Lopes and Renata Sofia. The general direction is by Pedro Brenelli and the direction is by Bernardo Sá, Carla Bohler and Larissa Fernandes. The production is by Silvana Feu and the genre direction is by José Luiz Villamarim. The soap opera is scheduled to premiere in April 2024.

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No Rancho Fundo: First images of the soap opera are revealed

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