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Proauto insurance: what does it offer? How it works?
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Proauto Seguros is an association that offers vehicle protection and allows you to customize services.

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Proauto Seguros is a company that was founded in 2007, in the state of Minas Gerais. It is an association that operates throughout Brazil offering mutual protection for vehicles.

To serve its customers in a personalized way, it invests in innovation and technology. This ensures quality in its services and transparency.

What is an insurance endorsement?

Throughout its history, the company has innovated in services and sought to do the best. This earned him several recognition awards. This makes the consumer have more trust in the company.

Proauto insurance

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Proauto Seguros services

The services offered by this association aim to protect vehicles, which is why they are called vehicle protection.

It is possible to customize the products by choosing from the options provided by Proauto Seguros. The services are:


Coverage for damage caused by collision in vehicles up to 10 years old. Repairs take place in referenced workshops and use original/genuine parts. This way, it is possible to recover cars that have been involved in accidents and the damage was not so serious.

Before being selected, the workshops go through a rigorous selection criteria in order to guarantee the quality of the services.


Robbery and theft

Vehicles that have been stolen or stolen can count on full compensation if they are not recovered. Vehicles from auction will have a depreciation of 30%. In all cases the amount is paid in cash.

An important point is that in the case of Proauto Seguros there is a deadline for receiving the amount. This is 34 days, unlike many associations that take time and still pay the compensation in installments.

24-hour assistance

This service helps drivers if their car has a problem such as a mechanical breakdown, a flat tire or running out of fuel. A tow truck with a professional is sent to the location to assist.

The 3rd

Third-party coverage aims to compensate for damages caused to third-party cars. They are paid an amount to cover the damages and there is no participation fee.



Proauto Seguros for glass can be used for damage caused to glass, headlights, taillights and rear view mirrors. When activated, it has a participatory quota.

Backup car

When the protected vehicle is unavailable due to problems due to theft, theft or collision, the reserve car can be requested. It will be made available for a period of 10, 15, 20 or 25 days depending on what was contracted.

Super little hammer

If you experience a light knock that doesn't damage the paintwork, this service helps to dent the bodywork.

Quick repair

It helps to restore the bodywork by applying a high-quality paint.


Vehicle tracking

Tracking occurs through a monitoring center that operates 24 hours a day. In addition to tracking, the car can also be monitored, helping with recovery when it is stolen or stolen.

Natural phenomena

It is used to cover expenses arising from falling trees and flooding with fresh water.

All of these protections are available to anyone who hires Proauto Seguro and can be combined according to the contractor's preference. It is possible to choose few or all of the protections and thus be covered in the most varied cases.

Multipro Club

Proauto Seguros members are entitled to the Multipro Club. This is a benefits program that has different advantages.


It is possible to watch films at the main cinema chains saving up to 70% on the ticket price.

There are hundreds of partner establishments that offer discounts on their products. For those who want to take courses or colleges, they can get a different price.

When purchasing airline tickets you can get up to 50% discount. Furthermore, buying from an accredited network gives you cash back. Part of the amount paid is refunded.

Services via the app

Proauto Seguros customers can count on various services in the application. They provide convenience.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.


Among them is the possibility of requesting a second copy of the bill, making registration changes, opening events, requesting 24-hour assistance and having online support for other requests.

How much does Proauto Seguros cost?

To find out the protection values, you must request a quote. This is because the service is personalized, the customer chooses which coverages they want.

By combining the contracted protections and the vehicle model, prices are determined. Therefore, values ​​are treated individually.

Proauto Seguros is a way to protect the vehicle by choosing which protections will be included and paying a fair price for them.


Proauto insurance: what does it offer? How it works?

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Proauto insurance: what does it offer? How it works?


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Proauto insurance: what does it offer? How it works?

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