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Rapper DaBaby apologizes for homophobic remarks

DaBaby has apologized for the homophobic comments he made at a concert last week after several festivals removed him from their posters. The American rapper apologized in part on Twitter last week — a move that has been criticized by some as a sign of the news.

During a show at a Miami festival, 29-year-old DaBaby asked all attendees to turn on the light of their cellphones except gay people “having sex in parking garages” or those who are HIV positive. He also claimed that people with HIV “die within two or three weeks.” The rapper previously said he thought the fuss was overblown, but acknowledged afterwards that what he said was “insensitive.”



Rapper DaBaby apologizes for homophobic remarks

According to the rapper, people on social media are quick to hear what they think and you don’t get enough time to “grow and learn from your mistakes,” he wrote on Instagram on Monday . He finds it difficult that people he knows also responded online, but is glad that he also received other messages. “I appreciate the people who have shared their wisdom, knowledge and resources with me in a nice way. That’s what I needed and it came in.”

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The rapper apologizes to the LGBTI community for his “painful statements” and “uninformed comments” about HIV and AIDS. “I know it’s important to read about this.”

DaBaby was removed from the line-up of the American festival Lollapalooza after his statements. Celebrities including Elton John, Dua Lipa and Madonna also denounced his comments.

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