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Sascar Rastreamentos: what it is and how it works
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The Sascar Rastreamentos service assists in fleet and cargo management, optimizing logistics. Know more!

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The statistics don't lie. Cargo theft in Brazil is exorbitant, causing losses and, even more so, risks to the safety of drivers. Not to mention the territorial extension and heterogeneity of roads, challenges for fleet management.

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Therefore, the need to hire specialized companies, such as Sascar Rastreamentos. After all, according to a survey by the National Association of Cargo Transport and Logistics (NTC&Logística), in 2020, 14,159 occurrences were recorded.

Even though there is a 23% drop compared to the same period in the previous year, the scenario is worrying. After all, the direct consequence is losses estimated at R$1.2 billion.

Another difficulty faced by transport companies is the length of the road network, estimated at 75.8 thousand kilometers, on federal highways alone. In addition to the size, there is the problem that just over 12% of the entire network is paved.


Not to mention the challenge itself of tracking and managing a fleet, no matter how small it may be.

Sascar Rastreamentos - what it is and how it works

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How does vehicle tracking work?

When the vehicle has a tracker, it sends its coordinates via GPS so that the satellite can locate it. The information can also be collected by other systems used in the process, such as GPRS and GSM, as long as they are integrated into the network.

Why work with cargo tracking?

There are many reasons to work with cargo tracking, due to the technological innovation it offers, including:

  • Maintain the safety of merchandise;
  • Costs management;
  • Logistics monitoring;
  • Accidents prevention;
  • Charge conservation.

What are the tracking technologies?

There are several tracking technologies, each with specific functionalities to meet demands. The main ones that can be listed:

  • GPS tracking: one of the most used, allows you to locate the vehicle and track it for 24 hours, in real time;
  • Radio frequency: made through the emission of radio signals, it allows the vehicle to be monitored even in tunnels and underground;
  • Telemetry: offered in analog and digital forms, it provides, in addition to the location of the vehicle, information such as performance and an overview of the operation.

What is Sascar Rastreamentos like?

Sascar Rastreamentos is a company that is part of the Michelin Group and has been operating in the market for over 20 years. The only one with national coverage, its portfolio has a differentiated model for equipment rental. In total, there are 300 professionals who serve segments of trucks, buses, trailers, light fleets, forklifts, among others.

Sascar Rastreamentos Solutions

The solutions provided by Sascar Rastreamentos are strictly linked to the customer's needs. In addition to cargo and fleet management, it provides customers with monitoring and independent truck driver services, which are suitable for self-employed professionals.

And what sets Sascar Rastreamentos apart?

As the information is collected by GPS, this allows tracking to take place in real time, facilitating recovery. The functionality also allows remote blocking, including in pre-configured regions, so that action on the criminal event is immediate.

1. Safety and accident prevention

Services aimed at preventing accidents consider both preventive and corrective actions, focused on drivability and the driver's journey. Among them, we can list:

  • Can Sascar telemetry: reads vehicle data, basing actions that improve drivability and prevent accidents;
  • Spoken rotogram: voice messages configured as alerts and guidance for the driver;
  • Chambers of fatigue and inattention; intelligent driving;
  • Accident prevention dashboard: graphical panel with the main operation indicators.

2. Cost control

In addition to Telemetry and Dashboard, the portfolio also includes:

3. Security

Sascar Rastreamento has a satisfactory rate when it comes to cargo and vehicle recovery, thanks to the Intelligence Center that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, it assists the manager in complying with risk management, offering advanced GPS and satellite technologies.


The driver also has a coercion password, through which he sends commands to the manager when he is in risky situations. Monitoring solutions include remote vehicle locking, remote signaling and alert configuration.

4. Logistics, productivity and conservation

An integrated operation provides sustainability and efficiency, through monitoring and control of deliveries, connection of trucks and tachographs. Furthermore, it reduces the risks of contamination and deterioration in cases of live or refrigerated cargo. One of the technologies applied is bait with a temperature sensor certified by Inmetro.

The use of trackers, such as the services provided by Sascar Rastreamentos, allows intelligent and safe fleet management, resulting in greater productivity and profits.


Sascar Rastreamentos: what it is and how it works

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Sascar Rastreamentos: what it is and how it works


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Sascar Rastreamentos: what it is and how it works


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