See Skincare routines and care for more beautiful and healthier skin

Skincare routines and care

Skincare routines and care – Having beautiful and healthy skin is the result of many factors, starting with food, eating foods that help with cell renewal is effective for having amazing skin, we also cannot forget to drink a lot of water it brings many benefits to our body and also for our skin.

Skincare routines and care

Skincare routines and care

Skincare routine. reproduction/women’s area

Our skin’s duty is to protect it from bacteria, viruses, pollution and chemicals. That’s why there are foods that help us to keep the skin beautiful and healthy, some dermatologists and nutritionists indicate some foods that help in the replacement of collagen, vitamin C, B5 It is B6 that help to normalize the functions of our skin.

Five foods that help keep your skin healthy:

1. Red fruits and purple grapes – have antioxidant action and have the power of rejuvenation.

two. Turmeric or Turmeric – They are great anti-inflammatories, have bactericidal action that help in the treatment of acne.

3. Chickpea – These legumes are composed of B vitamins (B2, B3 and B5) that also help control skin oiliness.

4. Lemon – Helps with healing, also assists in collagen production.

5. Brazil nuts– Acts in the prevention of wrinkles.

The pursuit of perfect skin is desired by many, however, it requires some specific care that we need to take to achieve this goal. Going to the dermatologist is one of them, as there is nothing like an expert to take care of our skin.

Having a skincare routine is also an aspect of skin care, they are routines that we have from the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep, the skin care step by step are:

1 – Wash the face;

two – Apply an astringent tonic;

3 – Serum or Vitamin C;

4 – moisturize the skin;

5 – Sunscreen.

Remembering that all products in the sequence need to be specific to your skin type and be indicated by an expert. Talk to your dermatologist, he will indicate the exact products for your skin type.

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Skincare routines and care

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