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Summary of Terra e Paixão chapters from 05/8 to 05/13

Monday – May 8 – Earth and Passion

Samuel orders Aline to run away with her son when he perceives a threat at home. Jurecê has visions during a ritual in the indigenous village. Ramiro and the henchmen set fire to Samuel and Aline’s house. Caio helps Aline and João, taking the mother and son to hide at Cândida’s house. Cândida says that it was Antônio La Selva who had Samuel killed. Daniel gets engaged to Graça. Irene tries to convince Antônio that Daniel should be her husband’s successor. Antônio doesn’t like to know that Aline is alive. Caio denies to Antônio that he helped Aline. Antônio advises Daniel to negotiate the purchase of Aline’s land. Caio tells Angelina that Antônio blames him for the death of his mother, Agatha. Marino advises Aline not to face Antonio. Aline decides to live in the magazine with Jussara and João. Aline makes it clear to Daniel that she will not sell the land to Antônio. Ademir tells Antônio that he knows why his brother wants Aline’s land. Aline demonstrates her purpose in caring for the lands she inherited from Samuel.

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Tuesday – May 9 – Earth and Passion

Wednesday – May 10 – Earth and Passion

Aline moves away from Caio and asks the boy to leave. Lucinda tries to reassure Odilon about Anely, unaware that her sister is showing off on the webcam in exchange for money. Caio and Daniel talk about the passions they are feeling, without both of them knowing that they are referring to the same woman. Antônio does not allow Luigi to stay at his house, and Irene suggests to Petra that the Italian stay at the inn. Aline tells Antônio that she sent a report denouncing the rural producer to a journalist friend, asking him to disclose the written information, in case something happens to her or João. Antônio tells Irene that Aline threatened him. Tadeu assures Aline that no one will help her at the cooperative.


Thursday – May 11 – Earth and Passion

Antônio asks Silvério to find out who Aline sent the report to. Irene warns Graça to keep an eye on Daniel’s admiration for Aline, and suggests that the girl get pregnant with the child. Cândida advises Caio to face Antônio. Faced with Irene’s distrust, Petra tells her mother that she did a search on the internet that proves that Luigi is a millionaire. Ademir agrees to comply with Caio’s request to buy corn seeds from the cooperative in his name and offer them to Aline. Jussara scolds Aline for not accepting Antonio’s proposal, afraid of what might happen to her daughter. Graça follows Irene’s advice and tries to get pregnant with Daniel. Mara delivers the seeds to Aline and says that it was Antonio’s son who bought them for her.

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Friday – May 12 – Earth and Passion

Antonio learns from Ruan that someone provided seeds for Aline. Lucinda refuses to tell Antonio who bought the seeds. Jussara tells Aline that Jonatas is in love with her daughter. Aline and Jonatas ask Marino to investigate Samuel’s death. Rodrigo agrees to be a lawyer in the investigation of Samuel’s murder and tells Aline that she put her journalist friend to whom she sent the letter at risk. Anely is surprised when Andrade shows the computer screen with her webcam image. Irene tries to convince Daniel to find out who gave the seeds to Aline, in order to succeed in his father’s business. Gaius tells Angelina that he is Antony’s successor by right. Daniel asks Lucinda for a report of all the cooperative’s commercial transactions for the last month. Daniel looks for Aline.

Saturday – May 13 – Earth and Passion

Daniel notices that Aline thinks he sent her the seeds. Daniel notices that the water on Aline’s land is transparent, compared to the muddy water on Antonio’s land. Ruan tells Antônio that he heard Aline tell Jonatas that he will need to ask for a loan. Andrade tries to blackmail Anely. Luigi stays at Andrade and Lucinda’s inn. Daniel reveals to Antônio that Ademir bought the seeds for Aline. Cândida advises Caio to reveal to Aline her love for the girl. Cândida tells Caio a secret of the boy’s family. Antônio advises Franco to grant the loan to Aline, asking for her land as collateral. Lucinda notices Andrade’s ironic treatment of Anely. Aline agrees to take out the loan by giving the land as collateral to the bank. Jonatas interrupts the conversation between Aline and Daniel.

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Summary of Terra e Paixão chapters from 05/8 to 05/13

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