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Summary of the chapters of The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Friday – February 23 – The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

  • Glaucia proposes that Vitor do something against Vera and that it will pay him very well.
  • Mariana plays green for Julieta and discovers that Téo is Bernardo's son.
  • Amanda tells Téo that he doesn't need a gift from Bernardo and asks Enzo to return the boot to Bernardo.
  • Mariana approaches Amanda and claims to know about Bernardo and Téo's relationship.
  • Telma tells Glaucia that Mariana is already with Mauro; Glaucia says that Mariana doesn't want Mauro, but rather to disturb Telma and tells her to get back at her.
  • Vitor puts expired products on the market shelf to harm Pórcia.
  • Romeu finds the boot bag at his house and thinks it is a gift from Bernardo to him.
  • Daniel makes the house available to receive Juliet's friends; Romeo goes secretly to meet the whole gang.
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Monday – February 26th – Chapter of The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Julieta has a party at her father's house and calls the young people from Lado Vila and Lado Torre. Téo realizes that the boot he had previously received from Bernardo is now on Romeu's feet. Fausto feels bad when he discovers that Bassanio is dating Pórcia. At the get-together, Romeu tries to please Téo, who doesn't make it easy. Romeu is uncomfortable with his rival's surly manner and Téo with Romeu's presence in the house. Romeu claims to have been trying to be nice to Téo since Bernardo donated blood to him. Téo says that he didn't ask Bernardo to donate and Romeu responds by saying that Téo is ungrateful. Tired of seeing the fight between the two, Julieta orders the argument to end and shouts that they are brothers. Romeu doesn't understand, but Téo admits to Romeu that Bernardo is also his father. Téo asks his colleagues not to spread the secret. Julieta feels bad about revealing the news; Téo says she ruined everything. The Campos family is having fun at home when Julieta arrives crying; She explains to her mother what happened. Téo also talks to his parents and Romeu asks his family why they hid the news from him.

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Tuesday – February 27th – Chapter of The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Romeu wants to know from his parents what his life will be like as Téo's brother. Portia warns Fausto that he is leaving home and that he needs to take care of his life alone. Glaucia discovers, through a gossip website, that Bernardo is Téo's father. Lívia believes that Karen was responsible for releasing the news to the gossip site. Vera is worried about Bernardo's paternity and thinks it will ruin the family's fame. Amanda explains to Nath that Téo is Bernardo's son, but that he will do everything to keep the family as it is. Bernardo announces to the Monteiros that now that the entire neighborhood knows about his paternity, he will take over his son once and for all.


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Wednesday – February 28 – Chapter of The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Téo wants to know who revealed his secret to the gossip site. Vera feels that she is losing her husband and peace in her marriage, and asks Bernardo for a break. After seeing Portia leave the house, Fausto tells his daughter that he is going to give her relationship with Bassânio a chance. Glaucia catches Romeo hugging Juliet again and gets angry; blackmailing her nephew, Glaucia asks Romeu to praise her service at the CEC to the Monteiro family. Fausto forces Bassânio to start working at the Residencial Verona condominium as a helper. Julieta becomes jealous of Lívia and Rosalina's friendship. Vitor orders Glaucia to pay what she owes him; Fred tries to listen to the matter behind the door. Glaucia finds Mariana on the street and warns her that she caught Romeo and Juliet together. Mariana tells Juliet to stop insisting on her friendship with Romeo.

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Thursday – February 29th – Chapter of The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Mauro picks up an expired product at Monter Mercado and notifies Vera; Vera catches Portia’s attention. Téo reveals to Romeu that Bernardo gave him the same boot that his brother is wearing, but that he was forced to return it. Nath and Dimitri think of a plan to bring Téo and Romeu together. Bernardo confesses to Romeu that the boot was a gift for Téo; Romeo is upset by so many of his father's lies. Julieta watches Patrick next to Karen. Bassânio starts working at Residencial Verona and Fausto says that he doesn't like him and that he's going to get tough with his son-in-law. Romeo receives a letter as if Téo were the author and vice versa; the information written in the letter was for both of them to make peace. They meet and discover that neither of them actually wrote the letter; Téo thinks Julieta is behind the message. Bernardo declares to Amanda and Téo that he wants to assume fatherhood and get closer to the boy.


Friday – March 1st – Chapter of The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Téo tells Bernardo that it doesn't make sense for him to show up now and play the father. Pórcia goes to Hélio's house and confronts Vitor, showing the images from the Monter Mercado security camera and revealing that he sabotaged the establishment with expired products. Julieta comes across Rosalina in Lívia's apartment and becomes jealous. Leandro gets stuck in the elevator with Julieta. Amanda vents to Enzo and thinks Téo is not ready for a relationship with Bernardo. Amanda is worried if Téo likes the other family more than her. Clara tells Vitor to confess to Vera that he damaged the market. Mariana disrupts Daniel and Telma's meeting to tell them that Julieta has disappeared. In the elevator, Julieta begins to despair.

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The summary of the soap opera A Infância de Romeu e Julieta is sent by SBT. Changes may occur depending on the edition of the soap opera.


Summary of the chapters of The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

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