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Giovanna Ewbank appears crying on the web and worries fans

Always happy and beautiful, Giovanna Ewbank scared her followers, this Friday, February 23, when she appeared crying. Bruno Gagliasso's wife said she was “exhausted and sad about not being able to handle everything”.

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Ewbank, who is mother to Titi, 10, Bless, nine, and Zyan, three, began: “Sometimes it seems like we're happy and radiant all the time around here, right? Of course, because the networks only show a part of our lives. But the truth is that everyday life is full of ups and downs, fears, joys, anguish, guilt. On the one hand, very happy with my professional achievements. On the other hand, sad and guilty for not being able to handle everything that concerns my children.”

“This is not a complaint, I knew it would be like this. I set out to do this knowing that when it was over I would just be at home with the kids. But these last 10 days have been very difficult. I come to work crying, leaving part of me at home, knowing that my children miss me every day,” he continued.

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“(…) I missed the end of the holidays for the older kids, the first week of school for the youngest, Zyan’s debut at a school and all the unknown feeling of the new school, starting at the football school… But always trying to get it right, and unfold myself into a thousand to make myself present in some way”, he lamented.

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In her long report, she also spoke about her work on Quem Pode, Pod, alongside Fernanda Paes Leme. She recalled an anxiety attack.

“Having to ask an entire crew for a few minutes to breathe and not come on set crying. This is the part that no one sees, but that also exists. Today is our last day of recording an intense work! Every day, ten to twelve hours, feelings come to the fore,” she said.

“My work partner Fepa, pregnant and also very emotional, often held my bar, just as I held hers. You're welcome? She's far from home, in the final stretch of her pregnancy, full of hormones that make us even more sensitive, needing affection and support from hers! She was too strong!”, she said.

“The truth is one: we women are badass! We are a thousand in one and we already know that, we are called warriors all the time, and we are, but sometimes what we need is to sit down, breathe and allow ourselves to do or be nothing. Just be “Be what we want and what is possible on a daily basis”, he said.


“I'm very happy, very fulfilled and I could be talking about it, but the truth is that I'm also exhausted! Emotionally, psychologically, physically… And the only thing I need now is to welcome and be welcomed by my children. Feel the love and be loved!”, she concluded.

Andréia Takano

Journalist since 2000, she began her career as a writer for the website OFuxico in 2002. Years later, she worked as an editor on the website Famosidades (MSN), also working as a reporter at Quem, newspaper Agora S. Paulo (Folha de S. Paulo), R7 and returned in 2015 as editor of the Ofuxico website.



Giovanna Ewbank appears crying on the web and worries fans

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