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Terra e Paixão: Aline and Caio kiss, after the young man’s request

It took a while, but it’s going to happen! In the next chapters of “Terra e Paixão”, from TV Globo, Caio (Cauã Reymond) and Aline (Barbara Reis) will kiss again.

She will eventually give in. After the kiss, Caio insinuates that he will accept Graça’s (Agatha Moreira) marriage proposal to take care of the son she says she expects from Daniel: “I have to think about Daniel… and what he left me with as a responsibility (…). That kiss, Aline… it will never leave my mouth.”


Aline, who has no idea what’s going on between Caio and Graça, doesn’t understand what he’s talking about.


Monday, July 10th

Encouraged by Caio and Jonatas, Aline decides to move forward and asks her friends to help her clean up the land. Antônio scolds Irene when he learns that it was his wife who caused the fire on Aline’s plantation. Aline finds it strange when Caio says that she has to think about what Daniel left her with as a responsibility. Irene threatens to fire Angelina. Odilon catches Luigi in Anely’s room. Marino informs Aline that she should be receiving insurance money. Berenice meets Antonio. Ramiro gets medicine for Petra with Kelvin’s help. Graça tells Caio that she had another dream about Daniel, saying that she would leave a sign for her brother.

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Tuesday, July 11th


Caio tells Graça that he feels he has an obligation to Daniel. Irene asks Luigi not to give up on Petra. Andrade tells Lucinda that he doesn’t like the way Marino looks at her. Lucinda tells Anely about Andrade. Irene puts salt in the coffee pot to harm Angelina. Rodrigo explains to Aline that she may not receive compensation. Jonatas breaks up with Nina. Gentil receives a mysterious letter. Luigi asks Kelvin if he’s been giving Petra medicine. Jonatas asks Aline for a chance.

Wednesday, July 12th

Aline tells Jonatas that she has him as a friend. Kelvin tells Luigi that Antônio has been visiting Berenice. Ademir reacts when Flor tells him that she will prove that he is Rosa’s father. Aline suggests that Caio consult Enzo to find out who is trying to manipulate him with Daniel’s messages. Nina accepts to be manager of Lucinda’s inn. Caio confronts Enzo. Irene interns Petra in a clinic. An unknown man surveys Aline’s land. Antônio tells Caio that he thinks it is his obligation to take care of Daniel’s son. Caio promises his father that he will think about marrying Graça. Ademir decides to take a DNA test to find out if he is Rosa’s father. A geologist confirms to Antônio that Aline’s land contains riches. Antônio tells Ramiro to get rid of Aline.

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Thursday, July 13th


Ramiro attacks Aline, who is saved by Caio. Jonatas comments to Caio that the insurance company will not pay compensation to Aline because the fire was arson. Aline tells Caio that Ramiro tried to kill her. Irene teases Angelina. Nina catches Luigi with Anely. Aline tells Caio that the two would never be happy together because of Daniel’s death. Antonio refuses to comply with Irene’s request to fire Angelina. Ramiro confirms to Irene that Antônio is seeing Berenice. Franco declares himself to Yandara. Menah defends Mara and threatens Elias. Luigi asks Antônio for Anely to be his secretary. Ramiro releases a venomous animal into Berenice’s closet at Irene’s request. Antonio promises Daniel that Aline’s life will be safe if his son marries Graça. Caio asks Grace to marry him.

Friday, July 14th

Saturday, July 15th

Irene and Berenice exchange offenses. Antônio assures Silvério and Vinícius, a geologist, that he will remove Aline from his land. Jussara decides to put her house up for sale to help Aline pay her debts. Doctor advises Luigi on Petra’s return home. Franco does not extend the deadline for Aline to pay the second installment of the debt. Jonatas offers to help Aline. Aline puts Jussara’s house up for sale. Marino refuses to leave the inn, despite Andrade asking him to leave. Ademir announces to Flor that he is Rosa’s father, and says that he will ask for custody of the girl. Flor refuses to stay away from Rosa. Caio offers to pay Aline’s debt.

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Terra e Paixão: Aline and Caio kiss, after the young man’s request

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