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The King of Gado: Senador Caxias dies murdered

In “O Rei do Gado“, a soap opera that is being rerun by Rede Globo, there is yet another confrontation between farmers and the landless.

In the chapter of Tuesday, May 9, Senador Caxias (Carlos Vereza) is shot in the middle of the dispute and does not resist. Pink (Anne Rose) and Liliana (Mariana Lima) are in shock to learn of his death.



Caxias tries to reason with some landless people who are starting an armed struggle, who complain that the landowners are also armed. He volunteers to dialogue with the farmers. Liliana calls her father and speaks to Chiquita, who tells her that Roberto went to break up a fight between farmers and the landless. Regino asks if Caxias believes that the summary rite law will solve the land problem. The senator is a firm believer and says he’s staked his life on it. Then he is shot by farmers in the middle of the field, asks for peace and dies. Regino and his companions carry the senator’s body. Chiquita reads Caxias’ ideas while he is carried wrapped in the Brazilian flag. Liliana and Rosa find out about Roberto’s death. Marcos tells Bruno that the senator was murdered. Marcos supports Liliana and Rosa, who are in shock. Deputy interrogates Regino and companions. Surrounded by journalists, Rosa arrives at the wake in the Senate. She and Bruno watch over the body. A group of landless people encourage Regino to go to Brasília for the wake of Caxias, but he asks for peace and patience. Another leader accuses Regino of being a coward. Chiquita arrives at the wake just as Rosa is leaving, they barely look at each other. Chiquita says goodbye to the senator. Chiquita tells Quitéria that Rosa was at the wake. She takes Roberto’s notes for herself, as an inheritance. Tavinho is upset when he reads about Roberto’s murder in the newspaper. Geremias’ plane arrives. Luana thinks about how Bruno must be feeling about the loss of his friend. Rosa tells her daughter that her father was very dear to her and that the procession was impressive. Geremias returns home with something new: Giuseppe Berdinazzi, his grandnephew.

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“O Rei do Gado” is a Brazilian telenovela produced by TV Globo. It aired from June 17, 1996 to February 14, 1997, replacing “The End of the World”. It was written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, with the collaboration of Edmara Barbosa and Edilene Barbosa, with general direction by Luiz Fernando Carvalho. It had the participation of Antônio Fagundes, Patrícia Pillar, Raul Cortez, Glória Pires, Fábio Assunção, Silvia Pfeifer, Carlos Vereza and Stênio Garcia.


Wednesday, May 10th

Bruno tells Bordon about when Caxias helped him when his farm was invaded. They debate the question of agrarian reform. Bordon says Marcos’ trial date has been set. Marcos offers to help Rosa with the arrangements to be made in Brasilia after Roberto’s death. Giuseppe and Rafaela say they don’t remember each other. Geremias says that both are Gema’s grandsons, but only Giuseppe is Bruno’s grandson. Gema had a son with another man, but as he ran away, Gema also registered him as Bruno’s son. Rafaela is a fake Berdinazzi. Zé returns to Ribeirão and complains to Bruno that she couldn’t find Luana. Rafaela tells Judite that she always thought her father was Bruno Berdinazzi’s son. Giuseppe arrives with Geremias after seeing the property. Deputy Valdir tells Geremias that he arrested Rafaela for having found her fingerprint on the box of candy. The delegate is convinced that it was Rafaela who killed Fausto and shot Geremias. Geremias says he will change the will definitively. Bia encourages Luana to go back to Bruno or Geremias, as it is unfair for her son to be heir to both and be born in poverty. Marcos tells Rosa that he wants to take Liliana and her son home, but Rosa and Liliana disagree. Marcos says he wants to get married, but fears that Liliana will be stuck with a convict. Zé goes back to Araguaia and finds Ueré and Donana. He regrets not having found Luana. Bruno convinces Lia to go with Aparício to the farm. Geremias fights with Rafaela and confesses that he killed Fausto


Thursday, May 11th

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Geremias tells Rafaela that he supported the farce because this separated Luana from Bruno. Geremias says that she doesn’t consider her niece or anything. He unmasks her and corners her about what she took. Bruno emphasizes to his son that during the trial he needs to focus on the fact that he had no intention of killing Ralf. Giuseppe is impressed with the assets of his great-uncle Geremias. Flashback Bruno Berdinazzi encourages Enrico to steal Giovanna. Rafaela wonders what Geremias intends to do with her. Bruno suffers alone thinking about Luana and his son later he vents to Marcos. Giuseppe wonders what to do with Rafaela and where Marieta/Luana is. Lia tells her father that Marcos left and everyone is worried that he ran away. To bring his father’s love back, Marcos drives looking for Luana. Bia and Jacira tell Luana that the contractions have started, but she decides to go to the fields. Marcos deduces that Luana can only be with Jacira and Regino. Luana continues to feel bad, weak. Regino is seen by his companions as a traitor. Valdir interrogates Rafaela, who confesses that she was lying before because she wanted to keep Marieta away.

Friday, May 12th

Chiquita calls Quitéria to stay with her in the apartment. Regino complains to his teammates that they are being used. Regino is called a traitor. Luana says the pain is gone and Jacira and Bia warn her to book the time, in case they come back. Valdir complains to Geremias about Rafaela. Geremias says that he will send her away. Marcos continues looking for Regino’s settlement. Geremias tells Rafaela that she’s going to leave, but not empty-handed. Valdir tells Bruno that there is no more investigation against him and Marcos in Guaxupé. Geremias confesses that he stole his sister and mother when he was young and says that he would give him the farm that belonged to Léia, even though she had shot him. Bia tells Jacira that it’s better to take Luana to a hospital, but she refuses. Marcos finds the settlement where Luana is. Jacira invites Marcos in while Luana stays hidden. Marcos says he won’t go back without her. Jacira asks about the shot Geremias took and Marcos finds it strange that she knows such information. Regino assures Marcos that Luana is not there, while she has a hard time hiding. Marcos leaves and Luana disappears from the camp, in labor. Jacira and Bia worry about her. Luana wanders around with her bundles saying that no one will find her and feels labor pains.

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The King of Gado: Senador Caxias dies murdered

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