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In Love is the Best To Follow for Couples Who Want to Be Happy

There are several rules for having a fulfilling couple life. I also give you here the link to our article on our 10 commandments of a happy couple as well as the one on the rule of 2-2-2 in love. But THE rule that you must at all costs know and above all, follow, is the rule of 80/20 in love!

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What is the 80/20 rule in Love?

You must have noticed that we human beings always tend to want more, to want better. No matter how much we achieve our ideals, once they are, we will always find someone who has more and then we will compare ourselves and want to achieve this new ideal. Human beings tend to think that grass is always greener elsewhere, that others are luckier. This observation must have increased greatly since the appearance of social networks since at the moment, on Instagram for example, it is to the one who will show the most perfect life. And yet this is by no means the reality.


No, the grass is not greener elsewhere whether in our daily lives or in love. And that’s where the 80/30 rule comes in.

80% positive 20% negative? (In Love is the Best To Follow for Couples Who Want to Be Happy)

In a stable and balanced romantic relationship, we would get about 80% of what we want, of what we are looking for. Put like that, it seems rather positive since 80% is a more than honorable percentage. The remaining 20%, as you will have understood, is what we cannot have. And it is often because of this remaining 20% that the couple’s arguments break out, that frustrations accumulate and that the romantic separation points the tip of its nose.

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Let’s take a concrete example to illustrate the 80/20 rule in love

Imagine that your darling is kind, loyal, respectful, attentive, funny and supports you in every respect. But lo and behold, he (she) is not really demonstrative and is not the type to say words of love to you or to give you little attentions. Well, instead of focusing on the 80% positive that your partner brings you, you will tick on the 20% that does not suit you. Or, here, the fact that he (she) does not show you enough his love for your taste. (By the way, if this example speaks to you, I really invite you to read our article on the five languages of love).

And then one fine day you come across a person who fills that 20%. (In Love is the Best To Follow for Couples Who Want to Be Happy)

A person who flatters you, compliments you, offers you gifts, in short, everything that your current partner does not do. So, in your mind, you have the feeling that he or she is the ideal partner for you because he or she has what your current partner does not have.


This is how many people separate, thinking that the “other” is better because it fills the 20% by omitting the 80% that it brought to the daily. And this is also how many regret having chosen this “other” a few months after the separation.

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Our brain tends to focus on the negative

Imagine that you are driving on a pretty road. On the right, you see a magnificent wedding with white and pink balloons, children running and laughing, sublime bride and groom… On the left, an atrocious motorcycle accident with the ambulance and police around. What are you going to watch? On the left, of course. Because our brain is always alert about danger, or what doesn’t suit us. And it is up to us to make the effort to think differently and to focus on the positive! (In Love is the Best To Follow for Couples Who Want to Be Happy)

The 80/20 rule is therefore essential for your couple

Although this rule may seem obvious, we almost never practice it. So, now, when you argue or complain about your partner, think about all that he (she) has brought you on a daily basis for years. Think of the 80% he (she) has and accept the 20% without blaming him/ her. You will see that not only will your couple benefit greatly but also, that you will be much happier yourself!

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