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Happy Couples wont do this, please Check your relationship, yes!

Often we find many lovers who show off their love on social media with the reason to be memorialized and want to be considered as couple goals. However, couples who are happy with each other don’t have to show it off on social media in the hope of being considered role models for many other people’s relationships, or considered always happy relationships.

Thus, happy couples are those who can be wiser in using their own social media. This is indicated by their activity on social media, as in some of the things below.

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1. No one stalking out of curiosity with each other’s ex

Happy Couples wont do this
Happy Couples wont do this

The most important thing in a relationship is the present. The past allows it to be a memory that will never be repeated.

Those who are now happy with their relationship, will never once be curious about each other’s ex, let alone stalking about the former because it does not provide any benefits at all. In fact, there are only problems.


2. Drama in the relationship is saved, not shared on social media

Happy Couples wont do this
Happy Couples wont do this

The drama of bickering in relationships is nothing new and this is natural. However, those who have an adult way of thinking will solve this problem quickly without the need to spread it all on social media. If announced, there will be many new problems that arise as well as a lot of third-person interference in the relationship.

3. No one exchanges social media passwords for the sake of openness with each other (Happy Couples wont do this)

Happy Couples wont do this
Happy Couples wont do this

Although the reason for the openness, taking access to each other’s personal social media accounts is not very good. There will be no privacy with each other and something like this will never be done by a happy couple. They will trust each other and it would not be unthinkable to do this way for the sake of openness to each other.

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4. Social media activity is not only about romance

Happy Couples

Even though they love each other and are intoxicated in love, there will be no social media that is always colored by each other’s love that is shown continuously. There are many other activities that are done, whether it’s about friendship, career, or about other things that are more positive. If they keep showing about romance it’s the same if they’ve been spreading their personal lives on social media.

5. There is no tag on social media when you are upset (Happy Couples wont do this)

online couple
Happy Couples wont do this

It’s natural that as a couple like to tagging when uploading photos together, but it’s not natural that what istagged is a post about heartbreak on other social media accounts. It’s all very childish and ashamed if anyone sees it later. Something like this certainly won’t be done by those who are happy.

It’s very childish to be in a relationship to always do the above five things when using social media. None of that will be done by those who have a happy relationship. They will always enjoy making out together in private without having to be publicized on social media for a confession.



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