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love nicknames for his boyfriend

Giving a nickname to your boyfriend, lover, companion, husband, it is common. Many women in couples use love nicknames, it is estimated that more than 7 out of 10 French people prefer to give a cute little nickname to their spouse rather than call him by his first name. This reinforces complicity and personalizes the romantic relationship by giving it a more intimate dimension.

We can say that there are 4 types of nicknames: the classics, the originals, those derived from the first name, which are often diminutives (Sam, Chris, Seb, Nico, Ludo), and those born of a game or a memory between lovers. This article offers you 50 cute little love nicknames for your boyfriend. Classic, original, romantic, funny, there is something for everyone. Here are 50 cute little love nicknames for her boyfriend.

Table of Contents

The classic little love nicknames for his boyfriend

The “darling” and its derivatives

A great classic of the genre, the word darling always has the first of the cute little nicknames given to its half. All generations combined. It comes in several ways.


For you it is rather Chéri or Mon chéri, Mon chéri d’amour, Chérinou, Chérichou?

The word love in force

This is logical since we are addressing the man for whom we have feelings. The word love is central to the way we call the one we love.

So your lover precisely, you call it My love or Love, Namour, Mamour, Love of my life?

We love with the heart

This is the metaphor par excellence for the little nicknames that you can give to your boyfriend. To love the other is indeed to have the heart beating. At 100 per hour, the chamade, in unison with his. There are plenty of pretty expressions to put the word heart at the center of its history. It remains classic but soft to the ear.


Do you prefer Heart or My Heart, P’tit Heart, My Heart of Love?

The little romantic love nicknames for his boyfriend

To love is often to show romanticism. Many women use romantic and tender little words to nickname and call their boyfriend. It adds complicity, it gives a kind of strength to feelings. There are, of course, plenty of them.

Talking about the future in a couple: how to go about it?

But you are rather adept of My angel, My treasure, My prince, My dear and tender, Baby or My baby?

The little foreign love nicknames for his boyfriend

Whether or not you are proficient in English, Spanish, Italian or any other language, it does not matter. You don’t have to be bilingual or even of foreign origin to use a little foreign nickname for your boyfriend. This adds a somewhat mysterious or exotic side. And then there are languages like Italian for example that resonate so well in the ear. As long as you work on your accent!


The little nicknames of love in –or for his boyfriend

Words that end with sound – or have a somewhat regressive side. Playful, childish it’s true, in any case cute par excellence. And then it can help you revise the rule of words that end in –or and whose plural is “-oux”, as an exception to the rule that words ending in “-or” have as plural “-ous”. Do you know the mnemonic means to remember it? Here is the famous magic phrase “Come my cabbage, my jewel, my toy, on my lap, and throw stones at this owl full of lice”

There is a choice, even if nicknamed your boyfriend knee, pebble, owl or louse is weird. although..!

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In any case, the Boubou, Doudou, Loulou, Chouchou or Choupinou are popular.

The little greedy love nicknames for his boyfriend

Love and gluttony, it goes well together. Even if gluttony is considered one of the 7 deadly sins! But here we will remember only the appetizing, greedy side. This metaphor of his darling that we want to kiss, cuddle or even chew by calling him that!


So your delicacy goes rather to Cabbage or Cabbage with cream, My barley sugar, My p’tit Lu or P’tit biscuit, My p’tit lardon or My p’tit nem?

The funny little love nicknames for his boyfriend

To love is also to tease and laugh together. Funny little nicknames don’t often mean much. They are abbreviations, diminutives, little words given as a result of a situation lived together. Nicknamed his boyfriend in this way then gives a reinforced impression of complicity, with humor.

Do you know the funny little nicknames like (fr) Bibou, P’tit bouchon, Tigibus, Tibou, Gribouille?

The little nicknames of love that put the little beasts in the spotlight

Why, since when? No idea but the names of animals are used very often to designate his lover, and in a mixed way according to the chosen animal. Some are cute, others rather funny. For each the “my” is used or not, to each his preference.


So your favorite animal is My cat, Kitten, Kitty, My chick, My duck, My biquet, Toad, My rabbit, Bichon?

The little manly or sexy love nicknames for his boyfriend

Nickname your darling can also be more passionate, cuddly, intimate. Leave the cute little nicknames with an exclusively funny or romantic tendency, some like to put in the spotlight the physique of their man, his masculinity and his virility. After, some are manly, others sexy but humor is never far away.

Make his girlfriend have a perfect night of love

The nickname given to your boyfriend (fr) is Mon homme, Beau brun/Beau blond, Beau gosse, P’tit cul (yes, yes, there are some), Bambou (it exists, with a phallic reference does it look!), Coquin, Mon étalon?


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