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Possessive woman

Being in a relationship with a possessive woman is not easy. Possessiveness is often associated with jealousy. What are the differences between jealousy and possessiveness? Jealousy is one of the signs of possessiveness indeed, but not only. To love and be in a relationship with a possessive woman is to take into account certain essential things if we want it to work, that this possessiveness calms down over time and that the relationship is not doomed to failure.

Managing such a relationship is therefore possible, but sometimes requires patience and understanding. And feelings, of course. Is it possible for you to do something to live a more serene story? The answer is yes, if she wants to. Possessive woman: how to manage and reassure her? Here are some answers to allow your love story to brave the possessiveness of your partner!



Possessive woman: how to manage and reassure her?

First and foremost, what is a possessive woman?

We recognize a possessive woman by certain unavoidable signs. If she is jealous obviously, if she needs to control everything, if she needs to monitor everything and you are being interrogated or she is digging through your belongings. Within your relationship, she is often accusatory and gets angry, even if she is wrong. She needs to be the center of your world, and therefore can’t stand other women, friends, approaching you too much. Her goal, even unconscious, is to keep you to herself, to change you, to make you the perfect man she has idealized.

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There are two reasons for this: either it is manipulative or emotionally dependent. In both cases, his relationship with the other is distorted by his lack of confidence in himself and therefore in the other, and his relations, as it stands, are doomed to failure.

Emotional manipulation or dependence? (Possessive woman)

She thus becomes manipulative so as not to suffer any more and to be the one who does harm; or her temperament pushes her instead to be emotionally dependent, in the permanent need of the other.

This painting is not rosy, but that does not mean that she does not like you, on the contrary. She just has to learn to love differently, to associate love with a desire and not with a need.


If your partner is not in the manipulation, then your relationship is not toxic to the point of considering breaking up. If you have feelings for her and find that you can help her get better, feel free to do so.

How? Here are the steps to consider to find a harmonious couple life.

Possessive woman: how to manage and reassure her?

Firstly, how can we manage the situation?

First of all, you have to think about yourself. How do you support the situation? Do you manage to understand it and manage the situation so that your couple is not always under tension? For things to happen, here’s what you can do.

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Be patient

It seems logical and yet it is obvious that without patience, you will not be able to bear his possessiveness, manage your couple and give yourself a chance. From the perspective that your partner has understood that her behavior is harmful to your couple, that she loves you and that she wants things to change, then you have to give her time. 


Indeed, no one changes with a snap of their fingers, especially with regard to the psychological and emotional wounds that shape a personality sometimes for a long time. Stay tuned for her progress, make sure she really wants to move forward for her and for you, but show patience and understanding if that is the case.

Understanding your fears (Possessive woman)

This brings us directly to this second point. If you have to be patient, it is because her possessiveness is closely linked to previous fears, which she has had in her depths for sometimes a long time. If you are not the reason for her possessiveness, your behavior is respectful and you have never given her the opportunity to be suspicious or jealous, then it is because she has this problem in her before you met. Often this is related to a painful love past made of disappointments and betrayals.

Perhaps she was deceived? Victim of infidelity, adultery? Under the influence of a narcissistic pervert? So this shaped her current love pattern. It is also possible that it is related to older fears, coming from his childhood. A separation or divorce of his parents, abuse, a death that may have exacerbated his fear of abandonment or a strong inferiority complex.

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Building trust in your relationship

Depending on this, the most important thing to manage in your couple is therefore trust. She must obviously work to regain her self-confidence, her self-esteem, so that she can have confidence in you and your couple. And to achieve this, you have a major role. If she can obviously get help from a psychology professional, from a therapist, your couple must also be the site of her progress for the well-being of your relationship.


To this end, there are personal development exercises to be done as a couple to regain confidence in the other. According to your tastes and sensibilities, you will find the exercises that suit you: lists such as the bucket list, that of your personal life projects but also of your couple projects, positive affirmations… So many tips and exercises that will allow you to re-establish this essential confidence within your couple and thus be able to project yourself.

Possessive woman: how to manage and reassure her?

Secondly, how can we reassure her?

We would tend to think that it is easy. You tell her that you care about her or that you love her, depending on the progress of your couple, and that you are not like her ex! You promise her never to deceive her or harm her and voila… Not so simple, why?

Communicate well

Possessiveness, as we saw above, is something that can be ingrained in it for a long time. Therefore, it is not thanks to two small sentences, however sincere they may be, that you are going to reassure her definitively. No, for this, you must reassure her with sweet words of love, yes, but over time and by favoring dialogue. Communicating well is the secret of couples that last.

Do I still like it?

So even if it is not obvious after yet another argument or a fit of jealousy on his part, it is still the best thing to do. Remember to remain patient, understanding and open-minded, and start a dialogue of equals, with respect for your couple. Thus, she will see that you take things to heart, but above all that you have the intelligence not to get upset or leave on a whim. If she truly loves you and is committed to changing, then this good communication between you will be one of the essential elements for her “healing”.


Spend quality time together (Possessive woman)

This is obvious and easy advice to follow. To reassure her about your feelings and commitment, nothing is more important than spending time both of them. By your words you can reassure her, but by your presence and your actions, you also show her, you even prove to her concretely that she matters to you.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of these shared moments to value her with sincere compliments and declarations of love, so she will feel safe. But be there simply, share quality moments together, at home, in privacy but also outside so that she sees that you do not hide her, that you have nothing to hide from elsewhere and that you are proud to be with her.

Don’t forget to assert yourself

Yes, you must reassure her, with your words and your deeds. Be patient, understanding, prove to her that she can trust you by telling her why you are with her, why you love her. But doing all this for her and for your couple does not mean erasing you, becoming a needy man, and giving in to all his desires, whims, blackmail.

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For this to work, it must also fulfil its part of the contract. So it’s out of the question to give in to her fits of jealousy, to let her invade your secret garden, to prevent you from seeing your friends. Even if you show her that you are there for her, to help her, she must understand in parallel that you refuse any emotional blackmail, that her attitude, past a certain degree, is no longer tolerable for you.


Possessive woman……….

Set your limits, also define your needs, your desires and your expectations vis-à-vis her. This development is essential in order not to fall into the vicious circle of excessive possessiveness and a strong emotional dependence on his part, without end. The work is certainly done by two, but it is up to her to take it upon herself in view of all the help you give her and the proofs of love she receives from you.

So managing his possessiveness as well as possible by reassuring it is all to your credit, but do not forget yourself on the way. Your couple can only be serene if you work hand in hand.

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