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Tips To Survive The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Woman sitting on bed wrapped in her blanket with her head in her hand feeling miserable because she is in her first trimester of pregnancy

es, you are pregnant! After the pregnancy test you will celebrate a very secret party with your sweetheart. But then it begins, the – perceived by many as – the most difficult period of your pregnancy; the first trimester. With these eight tips you can get through it.

First trimester

lot happens in the first trimester of your pregnancy . This is how fertilization takes place, followed by implantation, but also the fused egg and sperm cells grow into a complete body with eyes, fingers and toes. No wonder that your body and mind have a hard time in these first weeks. Read through because these tips can certainly help you with out in some ways.


1. Keep a pregnancy diary

Sometimes it is difficult to find the time for this, but try nevertheless. You will encounter a lot of changes in the first trimester, both physical and mental, and putting a few things on paper can help in the process.

2. Choose a counselor

Pregnancy is so early in the first trimester that most people choose not to share the news with everyone yet. So much can still go wrong that they prefer to keep any disappointment to themselves. But precisely because so much can go wrong, it is also nice if you can talk to someone about what you are going through and what your fears are. And preferably someone who has already experienced it before and understands what you have to deal with. Your love is very sweet, but not always able to understand you in this.

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3. Mental support

There are a lot of books and sites where you can find information about what is happening to you physically and how you can best deal with it. But don’t forget that you can also use some mental input and support. Therefore, also look for books or sites that deal with the psyche. You can of course search specifically for resources on the psyche during pregnancy, but mindful trust in general can of course be applied at any time. Also during your pregnancy.

4. Ginger

Yes, it is a specific flavor and many find it a tricky one, but ginger can be a great rescue in the first trimester. This food can come in handy, especially from week four of your pregnancy. That is the moment when for most the morning sickness starts. And ginger soothes nausea a bit.


For example, put it in your tea or eat a piece of gingerbread. Or take ginger tablets if you do not tolerate the taste well.

5. Crackers

Although the nausea is hormonally determined, it also has to do with whether you have an empty stomach or not. It is therefore highly recommended to always have a packet of crackers with you in the first trimester. This is a neutral and easy way to fill your stomach and limit the worst nausea.

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Tips To Survive The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Invest in a comfortable bra

One of the first signs that you are pregnant is the hypersensitivity of your breasts. If you suffer from PMS, the problem will already be familiar to you, but otherwise it will stand out enormously; you can’t ride a bump without it hurting. An uncomfortable bra will therefore not promote your day. Therefore, go to a better lingerie store and get good advice. Please note that your breasts can still grow enormously, even after the first trimester. So a stretchy fabric, or a non-wired bra, is recommended.

Order the groceries

One of the other pregnancy ailments in the first trimester is the enormous fatigue that often suddenly overtakes you. The idea that after your long day at work you also have to go to that busy supermarket to get a whole list of (heavy) groceries and lug them along, is therefore not very attractive. Make it easy for yourself and order your groceries at home. Nowadays there are plenty of services that deliver this, even with electric cars, at a time of your choice.


8. Comfy clothing

Bloating in tight jeans , Not really comfortable, right? So don’t do it to yourself and just go for a pair of nice stretchy pants, skirts or dresses. You don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe right away, because there are already a lot of useful items hanging in your closet 

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Tips To Survive The First Trimester Of Pregnancy


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