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Truck auto insurance | – Insurance quote
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Cars are purchased from the factory with their own characteristics, which can be modified to create different styles and models. But even modifying them also it is necessary to have the protection. Let's see some alternatives such as auto truck insurance.


Truck-type cars can be found not only in various competitions with larger models, but they can also be created into more popular and common cars, with the basic characteristics of lowering their height with the placement of additional details such as larger tires or even elements with neon.


We know that truck-type cars have a much greater investment for to supply the changes that happen in these vehicles. Due to this higher cost, it is It is essential to have adequate insurance for your peace of mind when using this type of movable asset.

When taking out auto truck insurance you will need to undergo an inspection and these modifications made to the car will be analyzed to find out the impact they have on the vehicle in general. Furthermore, they will be considered when making the insurance quote and it is worth noting that the more you invest in them, the higher the insurance value will be.

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However, not all insurance companies offer this type of service, because they do not always have specialized labor to carry out the necessary repairs and also because of the difficulty in stipulating the values. So, before trying to get a quote, it is very important to check whether the insurance company offers this type of service.

Truck car insurance

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Insurance companies and truck cars

The most varied car insurance companies on the current market provide truck insurance, with the usual protections. Therefore, we find insurance for truck cars just as we do for common cars, such coverages are: Against robberies, thefts, collisions, accidents, problems with natural issues, as well as others specific to this type of vehicle.

Those interested in this type of service also have access to during the 24 hours a day with repairs that may occur as well as replacements that are necessary, with the availability of specialized workshops for this type of car.

How to take out auto truck insurance?

We already know the importance of having auto insurance, but have you ever researched what it’s like to take out auto truck insurance? Before signing a contract with the first insurance company that offers you basic coverage, contact as many insurance companies as possible, research may bring you advantages.


Don’t just stick to the values ​​that the insurance company offers you. Compare prices, type of coverage and payment methods. Also remember to check with other customers the veracity of the information provided and find out how service is provided in case of a problem.

By following these tips, you will be able to take out auto truck insurance and feel confident and safe with your car.

In this way, Truck auto insurance is the best way for you who own vehicles of this type to have the necessary protection for the investment you made in them, whether going to competitions or using them in your daily life in a calmer and more confident way.

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Truck auto insurance value

Now that you know everything about Truck auto insurance, you’ll want to know the price, right? As with insurance for all vehicles, Truck types also have varying prices. This is because the insurance company will want to know some details about the driver and the vehicle to calculate the value.

It is important that you inform the chosen insurer of your full name, age, home address, length of service, vehicle details, among other essential information to calculate the value of Truck auto insurance. We made some quotes so you can find out the average insurance cost for your vehicle. Check out:

  • Cargo Truck 1317 E Tb 3p: R$ 4,300.00
  • Ford Cargo 4532 2009: R$ 7,300.00
  • Iveco Tector 240 E 25 6×2 2010: R$ 9,735.00
  • Iveco Tector 240 E 25 6×2 2009: R$ 6,133.21

As you saw above, prices vary greatly depending on the Truck model. See below the value of Truck car insurance considering the same model and changing some information:

  • Iveco Tector 240 E 25 6×2 2011: R$ 10,354.21 for a 71-year-old man, resident of Santa Juliana, in Minas Gerais.
  • Iveco Tector 240 E 25 6×2 2011: R$ 9,886.36, for a 70-year-old man, resident of the same city above.
  • Iveco Tector 240 E 25 6×2 2P 2009: R$6,296.31 for a resident of São José dos Pinhais, Paraná.
  • Iveco Tector 240 E 25 6×2 2010: R$ 1,738.41, for a resident of Maringá, Paraná.

To find out the exact value of Truck auto insurance, get your quote here on our website

Truck auto insurance | – Insurance quote

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Truck auto insurance | – Insurance quote



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Truck auto insurance | – Insurance quote

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