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Uber price table: fare per ride
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Searching for the Uber price list? Follow the article and find out everything you need!

Uber's price list may vary depending on your city. Therefore, it is important to estimate your trip whenever you use app transport.


This way, you will be able to see exactly the amount you will pay in the car race.

Below, we tell you what the base prices are and how to calculate the Uber price. Keep reading!

Uber price table
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How is Uber pricing calculated?

The calculation of the price of a ride with Uber varies depending on several factors. For example, your city, the availability of cars and the type of vehicle.

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Typically, Uber has 5 ways to travel in the region. Are they:

  • UberX, which has cheaper trips;
  • Comfort, with more modern cars that provide a premium experience;
  • Black, on high-end vehicles;
  • Together, to share with strangers (works like a taxi capacity);
  • UberX Promo, which users can pay less if they are willing to wait longer for their car to arrive.

Added to these points, as a kind of Uber calculator, The factors below are considered to define the price of a trip.

  • Base price: minimum price for a ride, with a predefined rate;
  • Fixed cost: minimum trip fees, which aim to cover costs such as insurance, fuel, etc.;
  • Distance: estimated distance in kilometers for the race;
  • Duration: time taken to complete the race;
  • Tolls, if the route of travel has any;
  • Dynamic pricing, which usually happens when there is a high demand for cars, and little availability at the time, or in rainy or heavy traffic situations.

Dynamic Fare in Uber Pricing

Among all the factors, dynamic pricing is what usually affects the final cost of the race the most. This is why users often prefer to wait a while to request a ride.

Waiting for a few minutes can completely change the traffic situation, for example. If traffic becomes less busy along the way, the price of the service tends to fall.


Let's see a real example of how to order an Uber, round trip of a user? The races were held in Belo Horizonte (MG), in February/2021.

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This will make it easier to understand dynamic pricing with our example Uber simulator.

Travelled distance Race time Race time Final price of the trip Influence factor on dynamic pricing
17.35 Kilometers 38 min 13:42 R$ 23.54 Traffic flowing, no traffic jams.
16.82 Kilometers 52 min 16:58 R$ 42.70 Heavy traffic, due to the time of returning home after work.

In other words, in our example, even though the distance traveled was shorter on the individual's return home (because of the route taken), the user faced dynamic pricing, and the price of the ride almost doubled.

Therefore, the dynamic fare is something that can considerably change the prices of a ride.


See the Uber price list

Now that you know how Uber's price is defined, it's time to see an estimate with the rates broken down.

The following information refers to an estimated race in the city of São Paulo.

Fixed rates From R$1.50 to R$4.50
Fixed cost From R$0.12 to R$0.30
Fares/km From R$1.00 to R$2.45
Minimum fare From R$4.00 to R$10.00

Additionally, if the user cancels the trip 5 minutes after calling a driver, Uber charges a cancellation fee. For the same estimate we made before, the value could range from R$4.00 to R$10.00, depending on the Uber simulator.

*Research carried out in March/2021.


How to estimate the price of an Uber trip?

As you saw in the text, Uber prices vary a lot. So, to be sure of how much you will pay, you will need to estimate your trip. There are a few ways to do this. See below.

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On the Uber website

Uber has a website for price estimates. Just access the company's “Uber Estimate” option, enter the departure and destination address, and you will see how much your trip should cost.

It is important to highlight that the value will only be estimated. If something happens during car racesuch as an accident on the track that increases travel time, the final value may change.

Using Google Maps on your cell phone

If you choose the “Routes” option on Google Maps, you can enter your starting and destination address. Access must be done via cell phone.


Then, simply select the doll with its arm raised, which appears among the transport options. It represents the transport options per application, and will show an estimate of the trip with Uber and other applications that exist in your city.

In the Uber app

Before requesting your trip, you can estimate its price in the Uber app. Then, if you agree on the price, you can now order the car.

Don't forget that Uber's price list may vary depending on your city and various factors. Estimating is essential!

How much does Uber car insurance cost?

If you are a driver or intend to be an Uber driver, know that insurance is mandatory. In addition to all the company's requirements, the registered driver must have passenger personal accident insurance, that is, APP.


This protection must offer coverage in the event of death or disability. Therefore, if you will already have to pay for protection, it is not worth just having this coverage. So, taking out Uber insurance is more worthwhile.

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And for those who want to save, there are some ways. Although there are some types of Uber, in relation to comfort, what matters most when calculating car insurance is the driver's profile.

To take out cheap car insurance, we recommend that you carry out more than one insurance simulation to compare prices and coverage. So, choose the option that best meets your needs.

But, don't hire just any company, but one of the most reliable insurance companies. Other points that make vehicle insurance cheaper are: hiring in a woman's name, having a good driving record, living in a place with a low rate of theft and robbery, taking out basic coverage, among others.


* is not responsible for the values ​​mentioned here, as the price may vary.

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Uber price table: fare per ride

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Uber price table: fare per ride



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Uber price table: fare per ride

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