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Understand how important it is to have car insurance
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Only those who struggle to purchase a car know how important it is to have car insurance, and the difference it can make in unforeseen circumstances. If you fit this profile, or if you are still in doubt about whether or not to take out insurance, follow this article and see some good reasons!

Having a car means achieving greater mobility and quality of life, after all, when you have your own vehicle, coming and going becomes much simpler.


Taking the risk of losing such an expensive asset in an instant is something that worries many people.

Average price of insurance for the Yamaha MT-03

And this risk is not just restricted to robberies or thefts, there are several other factors that can cause you to lose your vehicle and be forced to bear immense losses.

According to research, in 2016 alone more than 27 thousand vehicles were stolen, of this total only 11 thousand were recovered, the rest were considered missing.

It is believed that the remaining vehicles that were not located were sent for dismantling.


However, it is estimated that around 70% of cars in circulation in Brazil do not have insurance.

In other words, Brazilians still don't understand how important it is to have car insurance.

Still, this scenario is expected to change over the next few years, thanks to driver awareness and increased vehicle prices.

At the same time, research indicates that 1 in 7 cars are involved in accidents on Brazilian roads, whether minor or major.


Part of this is due to the fact that the roads in Brazil are increasingly busy.

This increase in car prices means that insurance pays more and more, as the loss can be greater in the case of a total loss or even a partial loss, as the parts also become more expensive.

This means that many Brazilians start to stop thinking that insurance is expensive or unnecessary.

Chevrolet Corsa insurance price list

Furthermore, it is increasingly easier to take out insurance, as it is now possible to talk to insurance brokers and insurance companies online, without having to leave your home.


This way, it is possible to find different quotes and advantages and find the best option.

Follow along and see more advantages of having insurance.

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Understand how important it is to have car insurance

Why is it important to have car insurance?

Security for your vehicle

Certainly the most important factor in having vehicle insurance is knowing that if any problem happens, you will be covered and your expenses will not be as high as expected.

Refund in case of total loss

When you have car insurance, you know that if there is a problem with your vehicle, be it a collision, fire or any other problem that causes the vehicle to be declared a total loss, you will not be left at a loss.

After all, insurance will guarantee reimbursement for your vehicle.


Cheaper repairs

Another important factor in having car insurance is the cost of repairs that are occasionally necessary.

Cars tend to have problems, and sometimes just changing a light can be much more expensive than you imagine.

Consortium or car financing: which pays more?

When you have insurance, these repairs are much more affordable.

24 hour assistance

Another advantage of those who have insurance is being able to count on 24-hour assistance, which in most cases guarantees services such as:

  • Winch;
  • Keychain;
  • Assistance with dry and electrical breakdowns, and much more.

Discounts on revisions

One of the advantages of having insurance is getting discounts on mandatory inspections and maintenance.

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A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.


There are many companies and workshops that are accredited with insurance companies and offer these discounts.

Third-party coverage

Many times, despite being cautious, people end up getting involved in accidents and causing material or even physical damage to third parties.

When you can count on car insurance, these damages, and possible hospital expenses, can be covered by the insurance company.

Protection against theft and theft

One of the biggest fears of anyone who depends on their vehicle to work, or constantly travel back and forth, is having their vehicle stolen or stolen.


The fear of losing such an expensive asset in just a few moments is frightening.

Having insurance ensures that if this happens, you will not be left at a loss.

Backup car

Despite being an optional benefit, the backup car service can be the difference when it comes to taking out car insurance.

How to take out insurance without leaving home

Knowing that even if your car needs to be stopped for whatever reason, you won't be left on foot, is reassuring.


Travel by car

For those who often travel long distances by car, insurance can also be an excellent ally.

This is because many insurance companies offer coverage throughout the country.

This way, regardless of what happens, the driver can be calm and safe, without the risk of ruining their vacation.

Protection for natural phenomena

Another important point that is worth having coverage is for natural phenomena.


If the insurance offered does not cover these events, it is worth taking out this additional insurance.

This is because, in our country, we have a lot of storms, flooding and falling trees, for example, practically throughout the entire territory, and in different parts of the year.

And these weather events can cause great damage to the driver, and may even result in total loss.

Advantages for policyholders

In addition to all the advantages mentioned throughout this article, which are common to practically all insurance companies, there are also some exclusive advantages that some companies offer to their customers.


Examples of these advantages are: discounts on parking, courses and special automotive services.

Don't run the risk of losing a big investment, and for some people, their big dream, due to lack of care.

Find out which is the best car insurance for young people!

Insurance is a small expense compared to everything it can prevent, especially once you understand how important it is to have car insurance.

So, get your quote right now and get rid of your worries!


Understand how important it is to have car insurance

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Understand how important it is to have car insurance


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Understand how important it is to have car insurance

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