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Vai Na Fé: Jenifer gives up seeing Sol’s show

In “Vai Na Fé”, a telenovela aired by Rede Globo, Sol (Sheron Menezzes) and Lui (Jose Loreto) live a romance on the sly.

In the Saturday, May 6th chapter, Jenifer (Bella Campos) catches the two kissing and argues with their mother. The young woman even gives up watching the artist’s show.


Theo fulfills Lumiar’s request. Orpheus arrives at the concert hall. Jenifer catches Lui and Sol kissing, and has a serious conversation with her mother. The lawyer-to-be drops out of going to Sol’s concert, and Ben is intrigued. Theo comforts Lumiar. Ben confesses to Jenifer that he would like to get back together with Sol. Lui’s band arrives at the venue, and Sheila welcomes them. Sol sees Orpheus in the audience and tells Vitinho about his distrust. Lumiar falls asleep, and Theo goes to the company event. Lui’s band starts their show. Dudley confesses that she wouldn’t mind if Ben dated Sol, and everyone is surprised. Theo goes to the dressing room, sabotages Sol’s water and observes her on stage.


Vai Na Fé is a TV Globo telenovela written by Rosane Svartman, with the collaboration of Mário Viana, Renata Corrêa, Pedro Alvarenga, Renata Sofia, Fabrício Santiago and Sabrina Rosa, directed by Isabella Teixeira, Juh Almeida, Augusto Lana and Matheus Senra, with general direction by Cristiano Marques and artistic direction by Paulo Silvestrini.

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Monday, May 8th

Theo reinforces with Sheila to take pictures with the band at the end of the show. Ben is shocked when Jenifer tells him that Sol kept the gift he gave her when they were younger. Rafa and Kate declare themselves to each other. Bruna and Ben watch Lui’s show on social media. Sol is desperate to learn that it was Theo who booked the band’s show. Ben decides to go to the concert hall when he sees photos of Theo with Sol. Sol drinks the water sabotaged by Theo. Kate rejects a gift from Clara when she learns that it was used to win over Rafa’s father. Theo goes to the dressing room, and finds Sol passed out. Lui complains about taking pictures with the audience. Wilma meets Marcos at Charles Pierre. Ben does not find Sol when he arrives at the venue, and looks for Theo. Clara suggests that Rafa schedule a lunch with Bruna and Kate. Orpheus stops Ben and Theo from fighting. Sol arrives home drugged, and Jenifer alerts Ben.

Tuesday, May 9th


Theo is enraged when Ben goes to meet Sol. Jenifer is furious when she learns that it was Theo who hired Lui’s band. Sol doesn’t remember what happened after she entered the dressing room. Hugo asks Pastor Miguel for help to abandon his life of crime. Lui goes to Sol’s house and is disappointed when he sees Ben. Theo lies to justify Lui’s band concert at the company to Clara. Marcos and Wilma humiliate Lui. Sol reveals to Jenifer about the contract she was forced to sign. Lui does a live, and Anthony and Érika are stunned by the content. Jenifer takes Hugo’s drawing class. Lui is attacked by several people on the internet and loses all contracts. Kate catches Hugo and Jenifer together. Ben tells Lumiar that Theo was at Lui’s show. Sol tries to cheer Lui up. Wilma tells Ivy and Cidão that they will not receive a salary. Jenifer asks a professor to review Sol’s employment contract. Lumiar takes satisfaction from Theo.

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Wednesday, May 10th

Theo calms down Lumiar and takes her to Fábio and Dora’s shelter. Clara receives a call from Theo to inform her of his trip and becomes suspicious. Rafa and Kate date in Icaes. Clara and Helena kiss. Yuri is bothered by the attention that Vini dedicates to Alice, and Guiga notices. Wilma questions Sol about fulfilling the contract. Jenifer encourages Sol to assume her romance with Lui. Sabrina teases Seamus. Lumiar takes care of Dora. Ben finds out that Kate is dating Rafa. Fábio is kind to Theo. Clara invites Bruna and Kate to dinner at her house. Bruna recognizes Clara, and Kate despairs.

Thursday, May 11th


Friday, May 12th

Ben questions Lumiar about the reason for repeating the test. Clara talks to Helena about their kiss. Theo celebrates the new DNA test. Érika asks Ivy to film Sol and Lui together. Ben takes advice from Mother Anne. Anthony tells Vitinho that Érika will publish about the clause in Sol’s contract. Jenifer helps Hugo with a job. Kate sees Hugo and Jenifer together and decides to ask both of them out with her and Rafa. Sol discovers that she will have to take a new DNA test and despairs. Lui begs Érika not to post a video of her with Sol. Clara changes her look. Sol confides in Ben about Lui. Rafa console Jenifer. Lumiar follows Ben’s advice and asks Theo to give up taking the DNA test. Ben, Jenifer and Sol are waiting for Theo in the laboratory.

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Saturday, May 13th

Theo shows up at the lab and makes Sol, Jenifer and Ben nervous. Lumiar is notified of Emílio’s hearing. Theo picks on Ben and Sol. Vitinho helps Lui with the surprise he plans to give Sol. Guiga’s assets are blocked because of Emílio. Lumiar ends her romance with Theo. Emílio asks to live with Guiga. Guiga sells brigadeiro in Icaes. Vitinho buys a ring for Lui to give to Sol. Hugo is forced to go talk to a drug dealer. Lui tells Ludmilla about his intentions with Sol. Jennifer, Ben, Bruna, Kate and Rafa meet to see the show.


Vai Na Fé: Jenifer gives up seeing Sol’s show

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