widow involved in drug trafficking arrested

Indonesia: widow involved in drug trafficking arrested by the police

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widow involved in drug trafficking arrested

Involved in the trafficking of drugs, this widow will be in prison

A widow who was proven to be a methamphetamine drug courier was arrested by the police at her boarding house on Jalan Supik, Tembokrejo Village, Purworejo District, Pasuruan City.

From the results of the examination, it was revealed that the widow was named Rosi Widi Prastini (41), a resident of the Village / District of Gondangwetan, Pasuruan Regency.

Kasat Resnarkoba Pasuruan City Police, AKP Nanang Sugiyono said that the arrest of the suspect originated from information from the public who are restless. From the results of the investigation, it turned out that the widow of one child had been involved in a methamphetamine transaction for several months.

“When we raided the scene of the crime, namely on the evening of April 14, the suspect was proven to have kept a 0.17 gram clip of crystal methamphetamine under his bed,” said Nanang, Monday (19/4/2021).

widow involved in drug trafficking arrested

widow involved in drug trafficking arrested

During the examination it was also revealed that the suspect had long been familiar with this type of methamphetamine narcotics. However, the suspect has only been a courier for the last 6 months. Now, the widow will be in prison in prison.

“The suspect’s motive is economic needs. Currently, we are still hunting down who was the person who supplied the suspect’s crystal methamphetamine,” he said.

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