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USA covid-19 Vaccination being distributed to all about

As of today, all adults in the United States can receive the vaccine against covid-19. The eligibility of young people between 16 and 30 years old was the missing step to expand vaccination in all American states. More than 131 million people have already received at least one dose of immunization in the United States in less than 130 days, that is since the beginning of the vaccination, according to data from the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The country with the highest number of cases and deaths from the coronavirus has experienced an acceleration in vaccination since Joe Biden took office in January.

This was a campaign promise from the president. Since he took office, vaccination has gained momentum in the country. The United States jumped from an average of 300,000 people vaccinated daily in early January to more than 3 million receiving doses of the covid-19 vaccine every 24 hours in April. The Democratic government’s goal was to apply 100 million doses of immunizer within the first 100 days of the Biden administration. An ambition reached in March, almost six weeks ahead of schedule. Keeping an eye on popular approval rates, the current administration follows the strategy of promising less and delivering more.

COVID-19: Deconstructing the president’s speech

About 30% of the vaccinated population Half of the adults have already received the first dose of the immunizer and about 30% of the population is fully vaccinated. In the last year, the United States has become the country with the most cases and deaths caused by the coronavirus in the world.
Vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson have received emergency authorization, although the application of the latter is temporarily suspended.
Authorities were vaccinated in front of the cameras to reinforce the message that the injection was safe and necessary for a return to normality, in an undated future.
Last August, during the administration of President Donald Trump.


USA covid-19 Vaccination

USA covid-19 Vaccination
USA covid-19 Vaccination

The United States had already ordered about 800 million doses of six vaccines that were still in development. If vaccination continues at this rate, the entire adult American population will be able to take at least one dose of the vaccine later this year. In addition to speeding up immunization, Biden made a commitment to distribute immunizers as a priority to the areas most affected by the pandemic. Even so, vulnerable areas are still vaccinating less. Unlike other countries, the US government has shied away from vaccine donations to other nations and focused on immunizing Americans first.

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Who can get vaccinated and how it works

Vaccination started with risk groups: the elderly, health professionals and essential workers. Then, the criteria were broadened. The rules are state and vary widely. This month, several states began allowing young people to be vaccinated. As of this week, this group can receive the immunizer in any region of the country. If the United States is known for a health care system that practices prohibitive tariffs and indebted entire families, in vaccination against covid-19 this is different. It is free, even if you don’t have health insurance, you don’t pay anything. The migratory status also does not matter to receive the immunizer, just having a proof of residence in the country.

New York, a former epicenter of the pandemic, is among the four states where vaccination is advancing the fastest. The vaccine can be scheduled online or over the phone. It is possible to choose the day, place, time and which vaccine, according to availability. I already took the first dose at the Javits Center, a fair and congress space in New York, which was converted into an immunization center. Military personnel are present at the site to support the application of the immunizer. Everything happened without delays or agglomerations..

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Comparison with other countries


The United States tops the list of countries that have administered the highest doses of covid-19 vaccines to date, followed by China and India. Brazil appears in fifth place in this ranking, according to the information collected by Our World in Data. Regarding the percentage of the vaccinated population, the United States is in the eleventh position, behind Chile and Israel, for example, where the number of inhabitants is significantly lower than that of the United States.




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