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Ye is no longer called West, ex Kim Kardashian

Kanye West is now officially going through life as Ye. The rapper has dropped both his first and last name, but his future ex-wife Kim Kardashian still uses his last name. How about that?

First of all: Ye and Kardashian are not yet officially divorced. There were even rumors of a reconciliation for a while, but with the buying out of her husband from their jointly purchased home (for which she would have paid him 23 million dollars) little of those stories seems to be true.

Even if the divorce papers are eventually signed, the reality star can continue to call herself Kim Kardashian West. It is not mandatory to surrender the surname of your ex-partner after a divorce and your ex-partner has little to say about this, as is laid down in law. That can be useful, as in the case of Kris Jenner or Yolanda Hadid; they are a lot better known under the names of their ex-husbands than under their maiden names, respectively Houghton and Van den Herik.


Ye is no longer called West, ex Kim Kardashian

This is how you often see the names change: Sylvie Meis was still called Van der Vaart for a long time and Sabia Boulahrouz let herself be called by her maiden name (Engizek) for a while, but still changed her mind. As said: that is allowed and in some cases also useful, because the children then keep the same name as both parents.

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With Ye, it’s a little different. He has completely renounced his surname West and also received approval from a judge to only go through life as Ye. In the Netherlands, you have to give a valid reason for a change in your first or last name and often pay an amount. That is a lot more difficult with a last name than with a first name. ( Ye is no longer called West, ex Kim Kardashian )

In Los Angeles it works much the same way, but it is also mandatory to announce through a newspaper that the name has been changed. Moreover, name changes are hardly refused there.

Yet the same rights remain for Kim Kardashian West: she, like her children, can continue to bear the surname. The name change of her future ex-husband, who previously said that the name is based on what he thinks is the term ‘ye’ in the Bible (which stands for ‘you’), does not change that. He also called his album from 2018 that way and he himself used the nickname for years.



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1 Comment

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