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Gwyneth Paltrow hopes one day to stop being critical of her body

Gwyneth Paltrow sometimes finds it difficult to accept that her body changes with age, but hopes to one day no longer be bothered by it.

“Unfortunately, many people look at themselves extremely critically,” says the 49-year-old actress to People.

“I would really like to get to a stage where I don’t do that anymore. I prefer to be for myself, because with the years everything only hangs more. There’s nothing you can do about it.”


Gwyneth Paltrow hopes one day to stop being critical of her body

Paltrow, mother of seventeen-year-old Apple and fifteen-year-old Moses, noticed after her first delivery that her body began to change. “I was just not in my twenties anymore, when you are still in that sexy phase. And then you try to accept that transition. For me, it came down to giving myself time to be a mother and giving my body the chance to do what it wanted to do.”

That path to acceptance had partly to do with managing unrealistic expectations, a topic that is addressed in Paltrow’s new Netflix series Sex, Love & goop.

“Everyone has expectations. Some women no longer consider themselves sexy after having a baby because they no longer have their old figure. But who says our bodies have to look a certain way?”

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