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8 films about hypersex – Trying new activities when spending time with your partner is definitely worth trying. Moreover, in the middle of a routine that is monotonous and boring! Sometimes, sexual desire can decrease because of it, you know. You don’t want this to happen to threaten your marriage, right?

If you and your partner are film lovers , the erotic film genre seems suitable to ignite both of you tonight. Visually, the scenes played by the players are perfect for increasing the intimacy of husband and wife. Curious? Here are recommendations for films about hypersex that can ignite your passion and your partner.

1. Jan Dara

8 films about hypersex
8 films about hypersex

Presenting a variety of styles of sex, this film is perfect for you to watch with your husband! Jan Dara tells the story of a man who was sexually abused since he was a child. He also often gets violence from his father. 

Until adulthood, Jan Dara often had sex with many women.

2. 9 songs

The 9 songs film tells the story of a student and scientist who meet at a concert in London. They then get close and fall in love with each other. During this time the two often spend time together by having sex. Trust me, the hot scenes shown in this film will ignite your passion and your partner!


3. Intimacy

Very suitable to accompany you and your husband’s night! This film is highly recommended for those of you who want to increase intimacy with your partner. Intimacy film tells the sexual journey of a nightclub bartender with a sexy woman.

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4. Shame

Not only presenting scenes that can trigger sexual desire, this film about hypersex really teaches a lot, you know. Shame film tells the story of a male businessman who has a sexual disorder. In the film, he is told not only having sex with a woman. Wow, interesting and really intriguing, huh!

5. Lie with Me

The film, titled Lie with Me , tells the story of a hypersexual woman . Despite having a lot of experience making love with men, the fact is that the female lead in this film is only interested in a man at a party, you know. Intrigued by the sequel? Watch it immediately with your partner.


6. Don Jon

The story of Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Barbara Sugarman (Scarlett Johansson) is indeed very romantic and passionate. In this film, Jon is told as a hypersexual who likes to make love to many women and is addicted to watching porn. So what will Barbara do next? Invite your husband to witness their second love journey, yes.

7. Thanks for Sharing

This film is a romantic comedy genre, so it is very suitable for you and your partner when you are bored with hypersex movies that are too serious. 

However, the scenes played by the players are no less intimate and hot, really! The stories of the three main characters in the film Thanks for Sharing are very light and easy to understand.

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8. Nymphomaniac Volume I

Almost similar to the story of Leila in the film Lie with Me , Joe in this film is also a sex addict. The film Nymphomaniac is divided into two volumes, of which the first volume tells about Joe in his youth while the second volume presents his story as an adult. 


Star-studded, from Shia LaBeouf, Stellan Skarsgard, Jamie Bell, Christian Slater, to Uma Thurman, this film also won a number of nominations at various Film Festivals.

Those are some recommended movies about hypersex that you can watch with your partner. Which one do you want to watch first, here?


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