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Auto insurance for hybrid cars
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Curious to know how hybrid cars work? Did you know that car insurance already exists for these cars? Find out more about how car insurance works for hybrid cars below!

Since mid-2014, hybrid cars have been part of many enthusiastic conversations between people who like cars, and people thinking about purchasing one.


Owners of technology capable of moving the vehicle with both electrical energy and combustion engines. This variety is possible thanks to the presence of two engines, one that works for each type of fuel. Find out more about hybrid car technology and how car insurance works in these cases.

Auto insurance for hybrid cars

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How hybrid cars work

As stated, these vehicle models have two engines, capable of combining electric and combustion propulsion. Contrary to popular belief, hybrid cars, despite having two different engines, do not have the possibility of using just one of them.

These engines work simultaneously, in a kind of synergy, promoting better vehicle performance and less pollutant burning. When fuel such as gasoline, for example, is burned inside the respective engine, energy is produced that powers the car's entire electrical system, including the engine that runs on electrical energy.


In other words, hybrid cars do not need to be fueled with conventional fuels and electrical energy, only with traditional fuels such as gasoline or ethanol.

Due to the fact that just one fuel promotes two chemical reactions and simultaneously powers two engines, responsible for putting the car in motion, fuel savings are easily felt with every kilometer traveled. To give you an idea of ​​the economy, using the Toyota Prius model as an example, you can see that the vehicle is capable of traveling up to 19 km per liter of fuel.

What about the maintenance of hybrid cars?

Probably one of the biggest concerns for interested parties and people who already own a hybrid car is maintenance. Some automakers recommend that the vehicle be used frequently, so that the electrically powered engine remains in good condition. This recommendation is made because leaving the electric motor without contact with power can cause damage to the equipment.

Find out how car insurance works for hybrid cars

Just like cars with conventional engines, hybrid vehicles also need to be protected, and in order to meet this demand, which, despite being new, is expanding. Many insurance companies offer auto insurance coverage for hybrid cars.


After all, so much technology ends up attracting much more attention from thieves, in addition, finding workshops and professionals who know how to carry out repairs on these vehicles can be somewhat complicated. By having car insurance, this may no longer be a problem.

However, this factor of maintenance and shortage of qualified professionals may end up interfering with the value of hiring the service. Making the insurance policy for hybrid cars more expensive than for conventional models.

What about insurance coverage for hybrid cars?

The coverage options for these vehicles are like those already known for models with combustion engines. Likewise, all services provided and benefits are also the same.

There is the possibility of taking out comprehensive coverage, which is the most complete option, responsible for covering various situations such as robbery and theft, collisions, electrical, dry or mechanical breakdowns and much more.


And the option of simple coverage, which only covers cases of theft and theft, and in some companies, other small situations. In addition, hybrid car insurance also includes additional coverage such as glass and 24-hour assistance.

Some companies offer exclusive benefits for taking out auto insurance for hybrid cars, for example:

  • Access to a sticker to identify the vehicle;
  • Provision of a CO₂ compensation certificate;
  • Completely free legal assistance for more complicated situations;
  • Possibility of considering qualifying time to define the prize;
  • Customization of insurance coverage;
  • Bonuses that allow discounts of up to 55%;
  • And in some cases, the first claim may be free, with no deductible.

How to take out insurance for hybrid cars?

The steps for taking out insurance for a hybrid car are the same as those for purchasing the service for vehicles considered common. This contract can be made either online or through a broker.

And currently, there are many companies that offer this service. Just do some research and find one that offers coverage with the most interesting benefits and price for you.


Auto insurance for hybrid cars

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Auto insurance for hybrid cars


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Auto insurance for hybrid cars


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