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Does motorcycle insurance pay? Clear your doubts!
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Find out in this article whether having motorcycle insurance pays off. Find the solution to all your doubts on the subject and learn how to protect your assets against the evils that may arise.

When it comes to motorcycle insurance, many doubts may arise, but perhaps the main one is: 'is taking out motorcycle insurance really worth it?'


So many doubts are normal, after all, driving a car already leaves anyone at risk and, when we talk about motorcycles, these risks become even greater, especially the risk of accidents which, in addition to threatening the physical integrity of the driver, can also put the budget at risk. of the same at risk. After all, the chances of greater damage in situations such as collisions are immense, and repairs can cost much more than you imagine.

Zafira car insurance average price table

If you are really interested in knowing whether having motorcycle insurance pays off, as well as getting answers to other topics related to this topic, follow this article and answer all your questions.

Does motorcycle insurance pay?  Clear your doubts!

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What categories of coverage exist in motorcycle insurance?

The main categories of motorcycle insurance are almost the same as the vehicle options. You can select category limits, such as:

  • Scope of the collision coverage area, which allows you to define exactly which regions the insurance will be in force and which will not;
  • Issues related to liability, for example, civil liability that covers damage and/or injuries caused to third parties in accidents;
  • Collision coverage that guarantees the repair or replacement of motorcycle parts in situations where accidents occur and the driver is at fault;
  • Coverage for accidents such as vandalism, robbery and theft and damage caused by accidents such as fire;
  • Insurance for passengers in case of accidents, which helps cover medical expenses or any material damage they may suffer and;
  • In some insurance companies, there is also specific coverage for motorcycle or driver accessories.

See now what the prices for taking out motorcycle insurance are like

The values ​​of the motorcycle insurance contract, also called a policy, vary greatly. In addition to depending on each company's price tables, issues such as vehicle model and year, driver profile, frequency of use and circulation locations can also influence the price. In addition, of course, to the type of franchise contracted.

The type of motorcycle also influences this value, sports motorcycles, for example, have higher insurance values, as well as older ones are also more expensive. In both cases, the reason for the higher value is related to the difficulty in finding replacement parts in case of need for repair.

Care you should take when taking out motorcycle insurance

Learn about some important precautions that must be carefully evaluated before signing a motorcycle insurance contract:

  1. Search across different companies

The first thing to pay attention to when taking out a motorcycle insurance policy is its value. It is essential that you research the prices, benefits and conditions of as many companies as possible before taking out insurance.

  1. Compare the value of the policy with that of the motorcycle

Another important factor is to compare the price of insurance with the value of the motorcycle. There are cases in which motorcycle insurance can cost R$4,000, whereas the market value of the motorcycle is R$8,000. In these cases it is not worth hiring the service, since after two years of paying the insurance you will have spent enough money to buy a new motorcycle.

  1. Beware of pirate insurance

Many companies offer 'pirate insurance', called 'vehicle protection' or 'insurance cooperative'. Companies that provide this type of service are not registered with the sector's regulatory body, which means that their guarantee of compensation does not exist, should it become necessary to claim insurance.

  1. Have a tracker and/or alarm

Having one or both options installed on the motorcycle can be very useful in negotiating lower insurance rates. This is because insurance companies understand that when one of these options is present in the vehicle, the chances of recovery in the event of theft or theft are greater.

But after all, is having motorcycle insurance worth it?

There are many variants when taking out an insurance policy, which directly affect the value of taking out the service. However, there are also many possibilities in which motorcycle insurance can be very useful, for example:

  • If you suffer from a dry or mechanical breakdown in the middle of nowhere, and you have insurance, you will be able to get help, without any major problems or extra fees;
  • If you leave your motorcycle parked and don't find it when you return, you won't have to worry about the damage;
  • By pure bad luck, the key broke in the ignition, don't worry, just contact your insurance and a locksmith will come to meet you and solve the problem.

Motorcycle insurance serves to make the driver much safer in relation to possible daily and common problems, especially if it is used very frequently.

It is still possible to hire independent coverage for unique situations, such as fire and many others. If you use your motorcycle for travel, it is also worth having motorcycle insurance taken out, especially with winch coverage.


If you have a smaller budget, you can still opt for the simplest insurance that only covers cases of robbery or theft.

If you work with a motorcycle, having motorcycle insurance is very interesting, as the daily risks of losing your motorcycle are numerous. The same goes for people who own motorcycles worth R$10,000 or more.

Conclusion: motorcycle insurance pays off.

See how to get a more affordable price when hiring

As previously stated, the value of the policy varies depending on several factors. Therefore, if during negotiation the value becomes too high, take advantage of this great flexibility in motorcycle insurance and discard all coverage that is not really necessary. Checking the installments and interest-free payment possibilities is also important. There are also companies that are willing to match lower offers from other sellers.


Taking out motorcycle insurance definitely pays off. In addition to keeping you calm in relation to possible problems that may occur during your day to day life, it will also ensure that you do not incur major expenses in relation to claims, whatever they may be. Get your quote now!

Does motorcycle insurance pay? Clear your doubts!

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Does motorcycle insurance pay? Clear your doubts!


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Does motorcycle insurance pay? Clear your doubts!

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