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Banestes car insurance |
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Banestes Seguros is present in the state of Espírito Santo and has a considerable market share when it comes to car and life insurance. Discover Banestes car insurance and its advantages.

It aims to promote insurance solutions that satisfy not only its policyholders but also its shareholders. To do this, it has top-of-the-line products and all the necessary assistance and support. Its service is aimed at meeting the needs of its customers quickly and agilely.


With this, it aims to remain competitive and be a leader and recognized in the state, without ever leaving aside the concern for its quality and also for its customers and partners.

Banestes car insurance

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Advantages of Banestes car insurance

Banestes car insurance makes its services available to its policyholders at any time of the day so that they can feel calm and covered by all the benefits.

Coverage is quite broad and not only includes theft and theft of vehicles, but much more such as damage caused by collision, flooding, objects falling onto the vehicle and also coverage for accessories and factory leather seats. With these covers it is possible to guarantee total protection for the vehicle.


Discover all the coverage offered in car insurance and find out which ones to take out.

Furthermore, in the event of an accident, it is possible to receive all guidance through a telephone center that will provide all the necessary guidance, so there is no need to worry about who to look for.

Banestes car insurance services

Banestes car insurance, in addition to complete coverage, also has additional services that make your daily life easier, respecting Susep's requirements. These include a tow truck in case you need to remove the vehicle, on-site repair capable of carrying out small repairs so you can continue on your journey and changing tires.

For those who are unable to drive at a given time, you can use the partner chauffeur service that takes you and your vehicle to your home safely. And if your car needs to be repaired, you can take advantage of the spare car for up to 60 days, according to your contract.


For an even more complete service, there is also Special Assistance for Glass, which includes protection for side windows, windshields, lights, rear view mirrors and others.

Women can count on exclusive insurance for them that not only guarantees all these coverages for the vehicle but also has other additional services that will bring more convenience. These include babysitting and cleaning in case of hospitalization due to a vehicle accident, home repairs, travel information and many others.

*This text is editorial content and does not guarantee the sale of this product on this website.


Banestes car insurance |

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Banestes car insurance |


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Banestes car insurance |


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