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Being in a relationship with a bipolar person

Being in a relationship with a bipolar person is not easy, especially at the beginning when you do not yet have all the keys. Remember that bipolarity is a personality disorder that used to be called manic depression. A bipolar person can have a “normal” life like the majority of people. This person can work, have children, friends and a romantic relationship: from the outside everything is fine! But from the inside it is something quite different because the perception of life is lived with more fracas, nuances and doubts .


The questioning is incessant, the fear is part of the grip and the crises seem to be part of the daily life of the one (or the one) who carries this disease. Bipolar gives the illusion that everything is for the best in the best of all worlds. But it is a continual masquerade to give change in the face of the world that perpetually attacks it.


Small clarification, I will say “the bipolar” to speak of men as well as women.

How does a bipolar person work?

1/ The illusion of going well (Being in a relationship with a bipolar person)

The bipolar gives the illusion of mastering and going well. while in truth he is drowned by doubt and anxieties H24. But this illusion gives him the impression, for a few hours, of being well and being like everyone else. He must prove to himself that he is able to give the change despite this fear that stabs him every second. He is the kind of person who can pass for the “big mouth of service”, but he is also a person who can work tirelessly in view of his chronic dissatisfaction. It is also this parent who must be as perfect as possible to give a dignified and rigorous education. He must constantly delude himself that everything is fine, because his vision of reality is systematically distorted.

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2/ It is necessary: Bipolar and its obligations

The bipolar builds his world with obligations because “it is necessary” to be and to do in a certain way. As a result, he manages to draw up a map of good conduct to show the whole world that he is managing the situation. He is the master of theatricality of all kinds: to make figuration to hide his evil being deep. What for? Because if he manages to fool those around him, it means, perhaps, that he is not sick. It may be that this disease exists only in his head and that in real life everything is “normal”.

3/ Anxiety and stress (Being in a relationship with a bipolar person)

We will describe him as anxious or stressed without more. The truth is quite different: the disease will create a crack in the body and brain to mix contradictory emotions. It must be understood that it is a disease and not a fad or a temporary crisis: it is 365 days a year that the bipolar suffers. So yes, from time to time a lull looms to let him breathe while waiting for the next downpour.


The bipolar is not able to control his emotions. They come by torrent without warning: he manages as he can but often drowns in his fears. Over time he will be able to calm down a little more, to reason from time to time and to find the tricks to calm down. But this calm before the storm exhausts and wears … We end up being devoid of strength, envy and courage

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Being in a relationship with a bipolar person: How to manage?

The one who shares the life of a bipolar must be endowed with multiple qualities. To live alongside this person you have to be able tolisten, calm and understand. You have to get past the disease to be able to speak to the heart of the person. Any word expressed cerebrally will be interpreted by the bipolar. Every word spoken with the heart will be greeted by soul and emotion. Only then can a change in the behavior of bipolar take place.

It is complicated, because the disease acts on doubt, fear and permanent frustration. The bipolar will change his mind like shirts while finding his reasoning logical and clear. It’s as if he’s the actor of his own masquerade. But double play is an integral part of the split from which it suffers. He fights against anxiety by making plans on the comet, but he is overwhelmed by the surplus of emotions that constantly floods him.

Let time make its way

Being in a relationship with a bipolar person requires patience and time. If you stay with a bipolar, it is because you have been touched by his soul. You feel like you’re dating two people and that makes your daily life a play. You end up liking this way of being and doing. With time and patience, you will manage to calm your partner’s fears, anxieties and phobias. Bipolar behavior will be able to shine at any time BUT you have the keys to calm and close the doors. You will eventually be able to anticipate crises because you will know the many facets of the disease.


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