The best bob cut inspirations and ideas, straight from the red carpet

bob cut inspirations
The Bob cut is undoubtedly a timeless haircut, in addition to transitioning between modern and classic very naturally.That said, you may remember seeing several variations of this same cut, which makes it such a darling, even among celebrities.


bob cut inspirations

The Bob cut offers you a lot of opportunity to “play” with the cut, varying the length, layers, making it more or less symmetrical, however you like.

It is also very popular because it allows you to convey an authentic image with many possibilities.

Let’s check out some of the favorite versions of the celebrities at this year’s Oscar ceremony:

bob cut inspirations

Fan Bingbing bet on the classic version of the cut (Photo: Reproduction/Yahoo Entertainment)

bob cut inspirations

Marleen Matlin at the Oscars 2023 (Photo: Reproduction/Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

bob cut inspirationsBailey Bass poses with a beautiful curly version of the Bob Cut (Photo: Playback/Getty Images)

bob cut inspirationsErin Lim exudes beauty at the 2023 Oscar ceremony (Photo: Reproduction/Celeb Mafia)

bob cut inspirationsAnother curly version of Bob on actress Halle Berry (Photo: Reproduction/Getty Images)

bob cut inspirationsJulia Louis-Dreyfus at the 95th Academy Awards (Photo: Reproduction/Getty Images)

Jessie Buckley attends the awards with a modern look (Photo: Reproduction/Getty Images)

bob cut inspirations

Inspiration from Phoebe Waller-Bridge for those who want a shorter version of the bob cut (Photo: Reproduction/Getty Images)

bob cut inspirationsSigourney Weaver with another classic look (Photo: Playback/Getty Images)


The Bob cut allows you to do several hairstyles, as we saw on the night of the Oscar 2023 awards, offering you a lot of versatility when choosing this cut.

Many fans also comment on the practicality of having the locks a little shorter, facilitating the washing, drying and styling processes, in addition to saving a considerable amount of hair products.


The cut was a fever in the 1920s and we don’t need to think too hard to understand how it has survived this entire century, remaining as one of the favorite choices of hairdressers and even many of the participants of the 2023 Oscar ceremony, which, let’s face it, is not ” little thing”.

The cut, done in the most traditional way, conveys a classic and elegant image, bringing more maturity and harmony to different types of faces.

Have you ever thought about bringing the elegance of the red carpet into your everyday life?

face types

You should have the haircut you want and the way you want it. But many are concerned about choosing a cut that flatters their features and face shape, making the overall look more harmonious.

In general, the Bob cut is very variable, being able to be shorter or preserving most of the locks, with bangs or not, in short, it really depends on the client’s taste. This feature of the cut makes different face shapes stand out when opting for it. Even the formats for which shorter hair is not very suitable, it is possible to adapt the Bob, transforming it into a Lob (Long Bob, a longer version of the cut), by means of fringes and peaked portions of strands.

Oval faces are enhanced with basically any type of cut, while round faces can bet on longer bobs and less rounded ends. As for diamond-shaped and square faces, lobs with bangs and peaks can be a great option.

Finalization (bob cut inspirations)

There are those who think that shorter hair limits your hairstyle options, but the truth couldn’t be further from that. It is possible to finish the bobs or lobs in different ways, from straight hair to wavy, curly and frizzy hair, with a change in the hair distribution, fringes, braids and other variations such as braids, updos and other options.

Now that you know the different versions of this timeless and versatile hairstyle, you’re free to take inspiration from the Oscar 2023 contestants and bring your own style and authenticity to the much-loved cut!

Featured photo: Erin Lim at the 95th Academy Awards Ceremony. Playback/Celeb Mafia

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bob cut inspirations

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