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Check the DPVAT 2022 insurance price table
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Do you want to know the price list for DPVAT 2022 insurance? Follow this content to discover everything you need!

The price list for DPVAT 2022 insurance has not yet been defined. In fact, the charge for DPVAT insurance has not even been confirmed.


The insurance fee was suspended in 2021, and is not expected to return yet. This is because there is more than 6.2 billion in cash to pay compensation. Therefore, the Federal Government has not seen the need to charge.

DPVAT 2022 insurance price table

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See the DPVAT 2022 insurance price table

As there is still no definition of the DPVAT charge in 2022, it is not possible to be sure of the amounts.

However, it is likely that it will be around 2020 prices, when the last DPVAT was charged. See below what they were.

Vehicle DPVAT insurance price
Automobiles R$ 5.21
Mopeds R$ 5.65
Trucks R$ 5.76
Motorcycles, scooters and similar R$ 12.25
Buses with freight charge R$ 10.53
Buses, minibuses and buses without freight charges R$ 8.08
Minibus with freight (up to 10 passengers) R$ 8.08

What is the price of car insurance?

DPVAT insurance is an important instrument to cover damages to people. However, it does not cover damage to vehicles.

Therefore, whether or not DPVAT insurance is charged in 2022, it is essential to take out car insurance.

To do this, you must contact a broker, or directly with the insurance company. This way, the company will be able to estimate the price of protection for your vehicle.

The amounts charged for car insurance vary and depend on several factors. Below, we list some of these factors, so you know.


1. Vehicle condition

When the car has breakdowns or mechanical problems, the cost of protecting it becomes higher. After all, the insurance company understands that he will have a greater risk of loss.

In addition, companies evaluate the vehicle's accident history. As if it has already undergone modifications.

A lowered car, for example, could be expensive to insure. In this case, many insurance companies will not even accept insurance for the vehicle.

2. Protections offered by insurance

Basic car insurance generally covers fire, collision, theft, theft and falling trees.


Other than that, if the driver wants to protect the car even more, they need to take out extra coverage. The type and number of added coverage will also increase the price of insurance.

In any case, don't try to save money for nothing. If coverage is important for your car, it will be more advantageous to take out it than having to bear the loss alone later.

3. Driver's gender

According to research, women are less involved in traffic incidents than men. Therefore, they pay less for high insurance than male drivers.

How to get common car insurance?

As we said before, you need to contact a responsible company to insure your car.


From there, you will need to follow some steps to adhere to good protection and have help if something happens to the vehicle. Follow along!

Enter all necessary data

To quote car insurance, the insurer will request several details. Both about the car and the driver's profile.

It is essential to provide all information correctly to the company. This way, it will be able to quote protection considering the real risk of the car suffering an accident.

You will also need to provide information that could make the insurance price higher. Like the fact that a young driver also uses the car. Insurance companies consider young drivers to be less experienced, so they charge more for insurance.


The point is that, by omitting or lying about information, you could have problems in the future. Because, if an accident occurs, the insurance company will confirm all the data before paying the compensation. If any information differs, the company may deny payment of the amounts, and you will have to bear the losses incurred alone.

Negotiate insurance payment

Insurance payments can often be paid in installments and still have discounts. So, before taking out your car insurance, talk to the insurance company carefully.

It is important that you obtain advantageous payment terms. This way, you will be able to keep your values ​​up to date and can count on protection as necessary.

Now you know everything you need to know about the DPVAT 2022 insurance price list and vehicle insurance. Don't forget to keep an eye on the news to find out about charges and tips for hiring personal protection.


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Check the DPVAT 2022 insurance price table

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Check the DPVAT 2022 insurance price table


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Check the DPVAT 2022 insurance price table

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