Check out the secret of Gaga’s lightning transformation at the Oscars 2023

Gaga's lightning transformation

Gaga’s lightning transformation – The Oscar 2023 ceremony, which took place last Sunday, the 12th, drew attention to several events, but one of the most talked about was the transformation of actress and singer Lady Gaga. The blonde entered the awards with an elegant and sensual look, signed by the Italian fashion house Versace.

Gaga’s lightning transformation

With a presentation confirmed at the last minute, the star attended the Oscars wearing a black dress, with transparency and which was even recently modeled by Gigi Hadid.

Gaga's lightning transformation

Versace model paraded by Gigi Hadid is chosen by Gaga for the Oscar ceremony (Photo: Reproduction/Getty Images)

As for hair and makeup, the famous bet on a striking makeup, with vibrant red lips and well-enhanced eyes. And for the locks, the blonde chose an elegant updo with braid. To complement the look, the choice of accessories was made by Tiffany & Co., bringing even more sophistication to the composition.

Later that same night, Gaga gave a live performance of the song “hold my hand“, movie soundtrack Top Gun: Maverick, which earned him a nomination in the best original song category for the award. At the time, Lady Gaga appeared completely different: with little or no makeup, jeans, a pair of sneakers and a solid color T-shirt, in the same color as the previous look.

The presentation, as expected, was highly acclaimed by colleagues and the speed of the transformation made the internet talk.

Gaga's lightning transformation

With a bold dress and makeup, Lady Gaga attracts attention at the awards ceremony (Photo: Playback/Yahoo Entertainment)

Many netizens want to know which product or miracle trick was used to “disassemble” the American’s well-crafted look in record time.
Gaga's lightning transformation

Singer exudes talent and surprises everyone in her performance (Photo: Reproduction/Getty Images)

Unfortunately, we still don’t know for sure what that million-dollar secret is, as the makeup artist responsible for the iconic look hasn’t revealed it. However, we can speculate that it is one of two options commented by the makeup artist and also by Gaga herself for some time in interviews: a makeup remover from the French brand Lancôme Paris and a moisturizer from the French Embryolisse, both darlings of the singer.

Even if this mystery continues, at least for now, what we can say with certainty is that the singer surprised and simply rocked her presentation and passage through the, now, champagne carpet.

Featured photo: Presentation and entry of the American star at the 95th edition of the Oscars. Playback/Getty Images

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Gaga’s lightning transformation

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